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Whose light do you find more natural, Florescent or Incandescent?

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    Color Rendering Index is said to measure the extend to which lights behave as natural light .It is said that Incandescent have CRI of 100 and Florescent have around 60-70. However, I find the lights from Incandescent yellow-reddish and I find that objects are rendered yellowish on its light. I instead find Florescent's light white and more natural.

    How do you feel?

    (Edit: After thinking for some time, I thought this was more appropriate for this GD than EE)
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    I honestly can't tell a difference.
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    Sunlight makes everything feel too "glarey". The light from CFL's reminds me of a hospital. Incandescent light is too yellow. I really like diffused natural sunlight. I have a skylight in my office with an etched white diffuser that is simply fantastic to read/work in.
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    Chi Meson

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    Fluorescent light is very heavy on the green, thanks to the still ubiquitous Hg gas in the tubes. That 569 nm green line is good enough to calibrate your spectroscopes.

    Neither are "natural" by themselves, but together the red-orange of incandescence and blue-green of fluorescence make a satisfactory substitute. I use about a 4:1 ratio of CFL to incandescent around the house.

    If I had to choose one or the other as being "more natural" I'd have to go with a high-wattage halogen lamp, or perhaps a 5000 K incandescent stage light.
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    I like my CFLs and fluorescents to be cool (3300-3500K) but not daylight (5000 to 6500K). Nevertheless, I have a few of the warm white (2700K) in rooms with more wood panelling / dark colours. It's been a while since I've had incandescents, but they probably more closely resemble the warm white CFLs (<3000 K).

    The candelabra-style CFLs that I have in a few places have a mix of energy-efficient halogens and CFLs, so that there's a good initial light (it's been a while, but I hadn't been able to find candelabra-style CFLs that turned on with near-full brightness, despite them only being 40-60 W equivalents).

    Given the above, that's probably why I prefer the fluorescents.
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    Natural light is yellowish. That's why candles are romantic. White lights are creepy.

    I much prefer sunshine.
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    You think so? Natural light looks pretty darn white to me.
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    By natural light I can only guess that means sunlight. Maybe moonlight.
    From wikipedia:
    From http://www.universetoday.com/42268/why-is-the-sun-yellow/":
    And here's a longer more scientific website:
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