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Homework Help: Why cant there be an electric field in a conductor?

  1. Sep 19, 2007 #1
    why cant there be an electric field in a conductor?
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    Because Maxwell said so!
    Short answer is that the fields from each side of a point inside the conductor cancel out - long answer involves a bit of maths.
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    I guess you are talking about a conductor at equilibrium. In this case the electric field in the conductor is 0 because otherwise the charge (which is mobile in a conductor) would be moving and there wouldn't be equilibrium any more.
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    what other cases are there and why would there be an electric field in the conductor?
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    If there is a net force acting on the charge carriers, the conductor isn't at equilibrium any more. This force could come from a voltage/current source or from a change in the magnetic flux in that circuit.
    In this case the electric field in that conductor isn't 0 any more. It is given by Ohm's[/PLAIN] [Broken] law
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