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Homework Help: Why doesn't (P1xV1)/T1 = (P2xV2)/T2 work here?

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    10 kg of R-134a fill a 1.348 m^3 rigid container at an initial temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. The container is then heated until the pressure is 200 kPa. Determine the final temperature and the initial pressure.

    I found the final temperature to be 66.3 degrees Celsius and the initial pressure to be 51.25 kPa using thermodynamic property tables. However, when I plugged all of the values into the equation (P1 x V1)/T1 = (P2xV2)/T2, it does not work. Can anyone explain why?
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    Doc Al

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    Would you expect it to behave as an ideal gas over that temperature range?
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    ahh. i see. thanks =)
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