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Why in SUSY we tend to use 2- components

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    Hi all,

    why in SUSY we tend to use 2- components Weyl spinor field
    not the ordinary Dirac filed ..

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    It's also easier to work in the Standard Model using Weyl spinors instead of Dirac spinors. That's because the left handed Weyl spinors and the right handed Weyl spinors belong to two different representations of the electroweak gauge group. It makes more sense to deal with them separately.
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    Is that also to match the transformation from 2- complex components scalar filed (4-degrees of freedom)
    to 2- components Weyl spinor filed which are also complex so we have 4-degrees of freedom as well, instead
    of Dirac filed which will be twice ..
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    Yes, one Dirac field with four degrees of freedom corresponds to two Weyl fields with two degrees each.
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