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Why is my water-to-wine reaction slow?

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    OK, so I saw a video of someone doing the water to wine trick and just had to learn it. There are apparently a few different ways that this can be done,...but settled on this version: http://imaginationstationtoledo.org/content/2010/11/water-to-wine/ [Broken]

    It's absolutely great, but for some reason when I do it, the change isn't nearly instantaneous. I followed the directions exactly but for some reason it takes several seconds for mine to change. I am curious as to why mine would act differently... I wondered if it had to do with the laundry starch I got. It mentions "biodegradable ingredient".. so I wonder if there is something chemically different about it than other starches?

    Here's what I used the first time and then I went and picked up some other laundry starch at walmart that was concentrated. It still doesn't happen instantly though.

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    From one's description, it sounds like what is supposed to be a rapid transition is progressing more slowly. Some either the Vitamin C is being used up slowly, or the conversion of iodine is occurring slowly. I appears that there are two solutions in separate beakers initially. Perhaps one should stir the separate beakers first.
    Considering what reactions take place, it could be either the Vitamin C or starch. What are the ingredients/additives in the starch.
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