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Why magent is needed in pump design

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    I am working in a pump manufacturer company. When i went on first day to office, i saw inside the pump that its having one small magent attached to stroke rod. Can any one explain me, hoe magent is useful in that and a small PCB design was also located in the pump. I am eager to know what is the use of magent.
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    who knows ?? maybe the magnet goes past a sensor to detect RPM ?

    what sort of pump ? how is it powered ? do you have any www links to show us what it looks like ?

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    Hold a magnet close to a piece of wire and now pass a current through the wire.The resulting magnetic field set up around the wire interacts with the field of the magnet and this results in a force acting on the wire and an equal and opposite force acting on the magnet.Most electric motors use this magnetic effect and I would advise you to google for details.Try the "hyperphysics" site.
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