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Will Magnets interfere with Electric Signal?

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    I have a standard 8P8C modular jack (RJ45) and the small clip has broken off. Instead of cutting it off and re-wiring a new one I was interested to find out if I could attach magnets (how I will attach them is not important at this time) to the connector and have the magnets provide the security.

    But will magnets, such as Iridium magnets, spaced within 5mm of either side of the RJ45 jack cause any interference?

    I wanted to apply this to an ethernet cable running an ethernet signal and one running a Firewire signal. Im more interested in the one running a Firewire signal because I know the standards are a little more strict. However, the Firewire cable has dual shielding.

    Any ideas/comments/suggestions would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance!
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    A static magnetic field will have no effect on the electrical signals going through your cable, regardless of shielding.

    On the other hand, magnets might have an effect on your hard drive, and I personally would not put strong magnets anywhere near my own computer.

    - Warren
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    So no interference at all? Awesome, thank you.
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