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Wind tunnel simulation software

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    Does anyone know of any simple aerodynamics simulators? Preferably one that would allow me to import a 3D model and then calculate its drag coefficient?

    I have done a few searches, but failed to find much of anything.

    Oh, and it needs to be free. Not part of some mutli-hundred dollar software package.
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    Unfortunately for you, this is the reason people get paid big money to do this sort of thing at Boeing or Ford. It isn't simple and generally takes hours to run the code from when you push the solve button until you get an answer. You aren't going to find any free, easy-to-use software that you can run with little to no experience.
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    There is a fabulous simulator for mac and iPad which is where I personally use it nearly every day called " Wind tunnel pro". It is an app of course and it is at least cheap, The free version has many of the same aplications however the PRO version features the ability to share it with other that have the PRO version app or the ability to show your work in a presentation from your pad or mac or iPhone. So stop cryin like a nancy the rest of you that spent hords of cash when you can at the very least prove out a new concept before going to the next level of development!
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    That is a nice toy but the OP asked about 3D objects.
    A new concept like the "zero drag airfoil"?

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    The note says simple such as the profile on your screen. The main point of my message was to convey a better process to your research. by using the app to show reaction in section profile format. you can save yourself much before going to an expensive design firm before you are on the right track. everyone gets what they pay for. This app shows enough for you to decide to proceed on a venture, and was an answer to prayer in a lean financial climate. I developed my last product on this app, It allows you to import your design and calculate results. I then modeled a version from cheap materials using this data to begin prototype testing When I sent my design to a design house that we used to finish out the venture into a real product There software could not improve on the aerodynamics but then proceeded to the finished cad portion. I am a product development guy I used to fly aircraft and have built products for northrop boeing and the nuclear industry for Tanis Technologies and others and am well aware that the total envelop may be needed to finish a product such as the addition of a winglet or compressability values. I have found that using as much of your brain as you do computer will yeild a product of common sense and purpose. as I stated its inexpensive and can give a person reason to move forward with less waste. This is my first post on any forum. I thought it may serve more than just this person. Heres hope.
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