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Wireless Power transmission( )

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    Wireless Power transmission(URGENT)

    Hi guys
    Im actually plannin to build a wireless transmission system using induction, and without using a soft iron core. We are actually having 2 coils, one primary and one secondary. Our problem is that we aren't getting any kind of induction output. The connections are all fine but there is no induction occuring. Can you ppl please suggest a few methods by which induction will occur.. Even a minimal amount of deflection shown by the multimeter would be fine, as long as there is some induction occuring. Thank you.
    we need it urgently
    thanx :)
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    Re: Wireless Power transmission(URGENT)

    So you are trying to build a transformer? Could you tell us a little bit more of your setup? I would guess that the magnetic flux is not "going through" the secondary coil (which for the iron core would be useful), you might be using too low ac currents or there could be quality issues with the coils. Also your multimeter could be broken or you are using it in a wrong way.
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    Re: Wireless Power transmission(URGENT)

    What frequency?

    What size of coils?

    How far apart?

    Coupling efficiency with air cored coils tends to be poor. Much easier and far less loss to just to run a wire from A to B.
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