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Work in rotation

  1. Oct 26, 2015 #1
    what would be the rotational equivalent of:

    work = force * displacement


    I assume that the force should be replaced with torque, but have no idea what the displacement should be replaced with, angles in radian? I'd appreciate it to see some units too.
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    any ideas what the rest of the equation and its units look like?
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    As A.T has pointed out, your first post has the complete answer: work = torque * angle
    where torque has the same dimensions as work (i.e energy) given that angles are dimensionless. Units of torque: Joules or equivalently Newton * meters. Units of angle: radians.
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    The point is for rotational problems, your displacement is the radius * angle and force * radius is precisely the torque acting on a particle.
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