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Work out what the interior temperature will be

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    hi ppl,

    How do these guys http://www.solarmissiontechnologies.com/ work out what the interior temperature will be and how fast the resulting hot air will move?
    thanks :)

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    Hi CyberJay,

    They calculate the temperature of the air based on the square footage of collector and the amount of heat gained by solar radiation, through that material, in that location, at various times of day and various times of the year, per square foot.

    For instance, the following ratings are for toronto Canada (all measurements are in BTU per day per sq. ft.):

    April - 1,388.2
    May - 1,785.2
    June - 1,941.7
    July - 1,968.6
    August - 1,622.5
    September - 1,284.1

    Closer to the equator, the ratings would be better.

    The speed of the rising air can be determined if you know the volume of air and the opening size through which it will pass. An example would be 1000 cubic feet of air moving through a 1 square foot opening in 1 minute would be moving at a rate of 1000 feet per minute. If the opening is increased to 2 square feet the rate drops to 500 feet per minute. They also need to consider the losses due to friction in the walls of the chimney, losses due to the turbine, these will all slow the rising air.
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