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B Would an object heat up or cool down more quickly?

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    If we have two identical objects each placed in rooms at 25°C room temperature. In the first room, the object is at 0°C. In the second room, the object is at 50°C. Which object will reach the room temperature of 25°C first?
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    Are you familiar with Newton's Law of Cooling? What does it tell you about this situation?
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    Assuming the same heat capacity for the two objects (independent from temperature) it is mainly a matter of heat convection coefficients. eg. if the objects are fixed at the ceiling the hotter one will reach 25 C first.

    Besides, water condensation on the cooler object surface at first will accelarate heat transfer but after some time it may produce an insulating layer that will also have to heat up to 25C and partly vaporise.
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