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Science & Math Textbooks

- Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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High school to grad student textbooks on physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Note these are not recommendations.
Y 03:50 PM coffeejunky 
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High school to grad student level textbooks on all topics of mathematics. Note these are not recommendations.
T 02:18 AM astromme 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Physics Forums has opened an affiliate account with 6% of any purchase you make is sent to Physics...
May31-14 02:54 PM
Nick O
40 48,223
I wish this was around when I was in school! Nice way to buy texts and sell them back. Free for six months! -...
Dec10-13 01:27 PM
9 10,934
I'm planing on learning Statistical Mechanics by myself. I would like to hear recomendations on what you think are...
Mar2-12 10:56 PM
13 25,988
Hi folks, I'm a huge physics buff - the obsession is either dormant for some time or hits me in waves - however, my...
Mar25-04 12:34 AM
13 3,372
Hello PF members! Could anyone please suggest me some books on Physics at under-graduate level? I'm confused...
Dec3-04 08:22 AM
13 3,576
This is a classic of popular writings on evolutionary biology (from 1976), so I assume many PF members are familiar...
Dec18-05 12:17 PM
13 3,027
My husband wants to teach himself quantum physics. What books do you recomend? I want to get him a few for his...
Jul26-05 12:46 AM
13 2,041
Besides texts by Charles H Corwin and Stephen Zumdahl, what texts are recommended for Introduction or Fundamentals of...
Jul9-05 11:32 PM
13 2,595
This may sound strange to you because its sooo popular, but is it good? Thanks.
Nov12-05 12:46 AM
13 6,329
Hey, My friend's about to make an order off Amazon and I thought I'd join in too.. I'm trying to find some...
Nov30-06 09:14 PM
Pseudo Statistic
13 4,233
I'm in the 8th grade and have got my hands on a book called Fundementals of Physics: Fifth Edition By Halliday,...
Dec4-06 11:19 AM
13 3,511
Hello.. I want a book of electricity (electrostatics and electromagnatism) that cover all topics with daily examples...
Jan20-07 11:36 PM
13 1,695
I'm not sure if this post is in the right thread. Well I've decided to change majors from Physics to EE, now I have...
May2-07 09:48 PM
13 10,980
I've planned my free time to study Quantum Mechanics. How do I begin? Which books should I use in my self-study? And...
Aug24-07 04:59 PM
13 4,009
Hello, I was wondering what some good books on quantum mechanics would be for a layman? I am very interested in the...
Nov17-10 11:48 AM
13 19,127
My situation: I did good in high-school, learned algebra, functions, exp/log functions, limits/continuity,...
Nov30-08 09:39 AM
13 2,500
I'm looking for a good book for my teacher. Not a text book or anything, just a good read. I've had her for the...
Apr18-09 08:34 PM
13 5,349
I have learnt Calculus (single and multi-variable) Ordinary Differential equations (upto 2nd order linear with...
Jul29-09 10:36 PM
13 1,484
Can anybody recommend a good introduction to QFT book? I'm looking for something that just barely classifies as a...
Sep4-09 02:18 PM
13 2,811
Hi, I was wondering about your opinions and recommendations on some physics texts, both free and costly. In about a...
Nov2-09 08:51 AM
13 14,914
I am currently using Gilbert Strang's "Linear Algebra and its applications" and am finding the book to be very...
Dec26-09 03:49 AM
13 13,976
Is this a good text? Compared to Stewart or Larson? If it isn't, are there any other texts that are better than...
Nov29-09 05:00 PM
13 2,951
What subject/field am I looking at that deals with things alike to the following: When I take a basic calculator...
Jul12-10 01:21 PM
13 2,183
I was wondering if anyone could suggest any good books about physics. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you...
Feb2-11 11:29 PM
13 2,662
Hello everybody!!! I'm new to this forum. Actually, this is my first post in here. I'm currently a sophomore...
Jan25-11 08:46 PM
13 5,683
The required textbook for my grad level quantum course is Sakurai's quantum book, 2nd edition. However, there seem...
Aug18-11 01:57 PM
13 3,573
Hi, I am a grade 11 student preparing for the IIT-JEE. I would like to know about some good books on...
Sep5-11 12:43 PM
Philip Wood
13 5,663
May7-12 10:36 AM
13 18,013
I'm looking for a textbook that covers all of the standard undergrad algebra topics but from a more modern...
Nov25-12 06:05 PM
fourier jr
13 1,935
Repeatedly in the past few months any attempt at learning more advanced physics has ended in hitting a brick wall: my...
Feb17-13 03:45 PM
13 1,513
basically im looking for the book that einstein wrote himself 'relativity: general and special' but there are soo...
Aug29-13 03:13 AM
13 2,058
I would like to learn DG so I picked up "Differential Geometry" by Erwin Kreyszig. I'm finding it too difficult to...
Aug8-13 02:22 AM
13 1,224
Hey everyone, I just started College Physics(algebra/trig based) a couple weeks ago, and I'm quickly realizing that my...
Dec24-13 04:21 AM
13 2,561
The college I am currently in has started with Differential Calculus. Due to some reasons I haven't been able to...
Sep15-13 10:27 AM
13 3,553
Hello PF community, I have an important question(to me.. and hopefully other users aswell) about two particular books...
Jul15-14 09:57 PM
13 1,484
Can someone provide me with a quasi-mathematical introductory text to quantum field theory ? Ideally, a book that's...
May30-14 01:33 AM
13 686
I have taken a look at Kleppner and Kolenkow and that seems around the right level of difficulty but I was wondering...
Jun22-14 03:02 PM
13 1,725
i live in the US and decided to get this book off of i was wondering if anyone has read, or atleast...
Nov23-05 03:54 PM
12 4,889
hey, i really want to learn physics. however, I can't learn it in school yet. What are the best books for teaching...
Feb9-05 08:20 AM
12 11,517
I've recently picked up these books from an exhibition: Classical mechanics by Herbert Goldstein Quantum mechanics...
Feb4-05 06:17 AM
12 1,373
What do you guys think about this (for those who have seen it)? Is it fairly...
May24-05 11:30 PM
12 1,982
Does anyone know good books on tensor analysis, especially need to learn it to understand continuum mechanics. Thank...
Aug5-05 01:32 AM
12 2,829

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