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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug13-14 05:16 PM seouldavid 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,907
Hello, I was just after an explanation of how people get to this conclusion: Say you are looking at the...
T 09:14 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 241
Suppose I have a function for a curve, for example y=x2. I want to find a function to "offsets" it by 2 units. That...
T 08:41 AM
Simon Bridge
9 1,180
Hiya. I got to an interesting bit in a calculus book, but as usual I'm stumped by a (probably simple) algebraic...
T 08:35 AM
Simon Bridge
6 99
I know I can define a sequence on a set ##X## as a function ##a:T\rightarrow{}X##, where ##T## is a countable totally...
T 07:04 AM
4 164
Is the bottom half of an egg a hemisphere?
T 05:58 AM
6 158
Also, is there a special term for the geometry typically taught in high school? And how does topology fit in here? ...
Y 08:33 PM
11 383
- - -
Draw this description out on a piece of paper if you would like. I cannot figure this out, it has been years since I...
Y 09:49 AM
1 138
Hi, I'd like to know the log properties when they are the power of a constant. I've searched everywhere but I can't...
Y 04:54 AM
3 197
Lets say that "d" is diametr of a circly,and C is the perimetr(length). Why C/d = pi (3.14) is a constant?? I know...
Aug25-14 10:10 PM
2 214
I kind of know what limits are, or at least believe I do: I think that a limit of a sequence is just an...
Aug25-14 06:50 PM
6 260
Guys, I have a problem I'm trying to solve for work (we're trying to inspect a hole, and I'm trying to determine...
Aug25-14 10:51 AM
5 1,115
Hey everyone I was thinking of something just now after watching a video. Every action has a risk of death some the...
Aug25-14 06:38 AM
22 528
I know what it means by by even, or odd, function. i also know what it means graphically. My question is how to...
Aug24-14 07:18 AM
1 192
Hi, I am wondering as to how to define the boundary condition for a shape in a unit cell. Just imagine that the...
Aug24-14 05:50 AM
2 156
So consider a function ##f(x)## which is continuous for all ##x## except on some finite interval, say ####. Imagine,...
Aug23-14 08:50 PM
11 369
Hi, What does N*m mean? What does N/m mean? What kWh mean? What kW/h mean? What does F=m*a mean?
Aug22-14 03:04 PM
5 284
For certain types of functions I have been using the term 'general form' as a way of stating that some function of...
Aug21-14 10:39 PM
7 249
Recently, I learned that, in a probability density function, the probability of the occurrence of any specific x-value...
Aug21-14 06:02 PM
7 326
It seems self-evident that mathematics must keep uncertainty at arms length. For example, to deal with probability...
Aug21-14 11:55 AM
Stephen Tashi
2 251
can anyone help explain the mechanism of coupled equation transformation and when and how can i transform similar...
Aug21-14 11:09 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 219
My first question is: is this formula (at the bottom) a known formula? In this subject i haven't explained how i...
Aug21-14 08:46 AM
3 313
How would someone go about writing a general expression for a function of a single variable and a constant? For...
Aug20-14 11:22 PM
15 392
"A set in the plane is called a region if it satisfies the following two conditions: 1. Each point of the set is the...
Aug20-14 01:49 PM
5 254
HI plz help me this could someone verify it for me plz find attachement clc; clear all; k=0; s=0; N=inf; for...
Aug19-14 03:27 PM
3 227
10 000 cubic km of water can cover all the continents with a layer 7 cm deep. Find the depth of the water layer if...
Aug17-14 10:08 AM
11 321
I need to write, "(k)1/2= a finite term recursive expression of 'k' where 'k' is the set of all Reals where 'k' is...
Aug17-14 09:24 AM
18 593
This problem came up after drawing a line on the spinning rotor of a food processor. I was idly musing about...
Aug17-14 09:06 AM
Simon Bridge
8 379
In mathematics, what is the name (type) for a curve given by velocity and time dilation? Specifically, I want to...
Aug17-14 12:02 AM
Simon Bridge
1 233
Is there a time domain function whose Fourier transform is the Dirac delta with no harmonics? I.e. a single frequency...
Aug16-14 02:39 AM
5 280
3,8,17,24,49,58,117,? what is the missing number ? Also give the pattern you followed.
Aug14-14 11:53 PM
15 463
In the Feynman Lectures on Physics chapter 28, Feynman explains the radiation equation...
Aug14-14 11:18 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 397
I'm trying to get straight some basic complex number fundamentals. First we have z=x+iy. Ok, my question is what...
Aug14-14 11:13 PM
17 491
I've indicated two rectangles. Can peeps tell me what they get for the ratio of widths? And then the ratio of lengths?...
Aug14-14 09:19 PM
7 489
This came up in one of my readings: "Neither the so-called fundamental theorem itself nor its classical proof by...
Aug14-14 03:38 PM
1 310
I'm a mod developer and I would need some help to calculate best path/route to take for an entity. To keep this post...
Aug14-14 07:29 AM
2 237
I am trying to calculate the distribution of a number of units between two points with a desired average not...
Aug13-14 10:47 PM
3 278
Simplex method - infeasible I'm looking at some linear optimization problems. In one example I must be missing...
Aug13-14 04:24 PM
10 310
This is, perhaps, more a question of philosophy of math rather than math itself. While it may be trivial to most...
Aug13-14 11:25 AM
31 915
Lets say I have an event that happened 500 times in 2000 trials. Then I want to say the event has 1 in 4 ... what?...
Aug13-14 11:09 AM
2 286

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