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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,267
Let M=Men, D=Days, H=Hours, η=efficiency, W=Work ##MDH \propto W## ##MDH = kW## ## \frac {MDH}{W} = k## ...
T 12:44 AM
19 540
Hello all I was hoping someone could help me with a geometry problem. Firstly this is not a homework question –...
Y 04:17 PM
12 172
I think the classical Poissonian process is where you have something, which in a time dt has a probability ωdt. Then...
Apr23-14 07:19 PM
1 102
Hi I have two sets of data, y as a function of x, for two different experiments. Y is the dependant variable, an...
Apr23-14 04:50 PM
9 194
Thanks in advance! I have problem that is causing me a headache to no end. In a cylinder, if one knows the total...
Apr23-14 12:20 PM
6 127
Thanks in advance: here is my equation: Area = \pir^{2} - r^{2}(arcos((r-x)/r))+(r-x))*\sqrt{2*r*x-x^{2}}
Apr23-14 10:49 AM
2 146
Let there be a triangle with coordinates A(2,2) , B(5,2) and C(5,4) I have learned two ways to shear an object(x-axis...
Apr23-14 09:15 AM
4 156
I found in the wiki a definition for the max of 2 numbers:...
Apr23-14 05:45 AM
6 181
The term "harmonic" arise in the math in several subjects, harmonic series, harmonic function, analysis harmonic, mean...
Apr23-14 04:27 AM
Simon Bridge
1 142
If exist a function called absolute that ensures that the result have always the posite sign, so, exist some function...
Apr23-14 03:15 AM
1 118
Just curious, but the use of matrices isn't readily obvious to me, and I was wondering what a typical use would be?
Apr23-14 02:20 AM
4 173
I apologize if this is the wrong section This is an integral written with the first 7 digits of pi, reversed, I...
Apr22-14 11:56 PM
2 132
Why do I feel like I am about to be fed to a pack of hungry wolves? I take it as a foregone conclusion that anyone who...
Apr22-14 06:20 PM
14 532
Conic sections are formed when a plane cuts a double cone, i.e. two cones placed tip to tip along the same axis. A...
Apr22-14 04:28 PM
3 124
What is the maximum number of roots of a multivariate polynomial over a field? Is there a multivariate version of the...
Apr21-14 09:48 PM
2 176
I have a Gaussian distribution about t, say, N(t; μ, σ), and a a Dirac Delta Function δ(t). Then how can I compute:...
Apr21-14 06:31 PM
4 214
i.e., does the set of functions of the form, \{ x^{\frac{n}{m}}\}_{n=0}^{\infty} for some fixed m produce a...
Apr21-14 02:19 PM
1 150
Cross product is used to find the perpendicular vector of two vectors. If there is any two vectors in a plane then...
Apr21-14 10:13 AM
4 233
Can anyone give me a good definition of Euler's number and its significance. I see it everywhere, it's prolific in...
Apr21-14 09:16 AM
7 374
the sequence: 1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1,3,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1,3,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1,4,...
Apr21-14 05:55 AM
2 169
A periodic function is one that ##f(\theta) = f(\theta + nT)##, by definition. However, the argument ##\theta## can be...
Apr20-14 08:33 PM
3 177
I'm finding it hard to find the solutions to this cubic equation: 1/2 x^3 - 2.025647693*10^14 x^2 +...
Apr20-14 08:11 PM
3 392
Dear everyone, I would like to know which one of the meter or the mile is used to send objects in the space please?...
Apr20-14 03:56 PM
2 174
I'm writing a piece of code and I want to simplify a bunch of if/else statements. I need...
Apr20-14 02:09 PM
21 471
Is possible to rewrite the quadratic, cubic and quartic determinant in terms of matrices and matrix operations (trace...
Apr20-14 12:37 AM
4 333
Why variables (RHS) in directly proportionality are always multiplied. Suppose the newton 2nd law ...
Apr19-14 07:34 PM
17 316
Commonly I see ##\sin(\omega t + k x)## I ask myself, if ωt is equal to θ thus kx is equal to what?? Also, the...
Apr18-14 11:02 PM
10 346
Whenever I'm on math class I've noticed that often professors, and in my online class the videos and examples all seem...
Apr18-14 03:27 PM
5 213
Given Cartesian (x,y,z), Spherical (r,\theta,\phi) and parabolic (\varepsilon , \eta , \phi ), where \varepsilon =...
Apr18-14 04:22 AM
0 181
Hello. So, I am building a camera and have ran into a problem that I feel could be solved with a semi-simple...
Apr17-14 12:59 PM
6 270
I have been wondering: Given an arbitrary geometric shape is there a sequence of tests I can perform on individual...
Apr17-14 11:35 AM
7 1,018
In my previous two math classes I'd get the answer wrong if I put the number first then the variable as my answer. Now...
Apr16-14 11:48 PM
18 460
Hello, this isn't a homework problem, so i'm hoping it's okay to post here. I would like to know the correct way...
Apr16-14 09:02 AM
5 273
Guys, I may need your help. There is a question saying that how to solve the cubic function in general form, which...
Apr16-14 05:56 AM
4 327
I was studying the dot product, and it says that (a.b).c makes no sense. so if you do (a.b) can = to β and then is...
Apr16-14 05:46 AM
8 320
Who may help me with this question? Thanks. Log10(x)^log10(log10X)=10000
Apr15-14 07:43 PM
3 248
This thread does justice to a question put forth online several times and, as far as I can tell is only answered in...
Apr15-14 10:44 AM
8 282
If ##y=x^4##, so x is equal to ##\pm \sqrt{y}## or x is equal to ##\pm \sqrt{\pm \sqrt{y}}## ? Well, I think that x...
Apr15-14 09:54 AM
5 292
If I want to discuss Black–Scholes formula, where should I post?
Apr14-14 11:52 PM
1 248
Ok! So I know Newton and Leibniz invented Calculus independently and today a major part of maths requires calculus....
Apr14-14 12:54 PM
16 750

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