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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
Jul26-14 11:48 AM jostpuur 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 37,920
So, out of curiosity, when you guys see log(x) do you assume base 10 or base e? Because I just wasted 2 hours of...
T 11:35 PM
3 4
I know not all shapes satisfy this relationship, but what is your intuition behind this formula that finds area...
T 11:10 PM
7 70
Hi, I visited my Mother and Stepfather recently, and admired the tall trees around their house. We estimated...
T 09:00 PM
9 1,661
I know how to factorize a polynomial over C, but what do complex factors show? Real factors show where the graph cuts...
T 02:37 PM
2 99
Hi everyone. I hope this is in the proper place - not sure where to put it. Anyway, I am working on an optimization...
T 01:31 PM
4 269
Hi, I found this derivation at wiki: Can someone tell me if the theorem...
T 09:30 AM
1 66
Hello, Is there any formula that describes every other odd number, for ##n = 1,2,\dots##? I can't seem to find...
Y 07:14 PM
6 175
- - -
Theoretically it is said that, tangent touches to a single point on a circle. But If my circle is very big, and large...
Y 12:42 PM
10 274
Hi there, Consider a related rates problem, Gas is being added into a balloon at a rate of dE/dt = x ft^3/sec ...
Jul26-14 04:33 PM
20 504
Hi, all. I'm in desperate need of assistance with a matrix I can't get my head around of. I want to solve a system of...
Jul26-14 03:24 PM
0 146
Suppose T=T(r,θ)=G(x,y) How do you prove ∇T(r,θ)=∇G(x,y)? I can think of some arguments in favor of this equality,...
Jul26-14 09:10 AM
3 259
If you rotate your rectangular coordinate system (x,y) so that the rotated x'-axis is parallel to a vector (a,b), in...
Jul26-14 06:33 AM
4 542
after it was found out that the first 9 pi digits 141592653 result in the end sum of 9, i searched for its iteration...
Jul25-14 10:19 PM
2 272
If I have the following transfer function: x = A1 + A2*y + A3*sin(A4*y + A5) + A6*sin(A7*y + A8) +A9*sin(A10*y +...
Jul25-14 04:15 PM
1 158
I was wondering how that could be done. I...
Jul25-14 10:01 AM
3 474
Hey guys, Struggling with understanding this taylor vs. maclaurin series stuff. So a few questions. Let's say...
Jul25-14 02:34 AM
Simon Bridge
3 285
Hey, I've begun going through a book called "An introduction to geophysical exploration" by Phillip Kearey and...
Jul24-14 10:51 PM
5 220
from wiki: Suppose we have a hemisphere of radius 10 r10 (a) and cut it in ten horizontal slices (1 is on the...
Jul24-14 09:16 AM
9 305
I'm currently reading Tolstov's Fourier series and in page 58 he talks about a criterion for the completeness of a...
Jul24-14 09:06 AM
0 158
Is this statement true? \bf{Re}\{z_1 \times z_2\} = 0 \,\, and \,\, z_2 \ne 0 \Rightarrow z_1 = 0 \,\,\, where...
Jul24-14 02:56 AM
18 600
Hello This is question is bugging me for years. Why is division by 0 undefined and not multiplication by 0...
Jul23-14 09:02 PM
7 427
What is the difference between these two concepts? Can they be used interchangeably to solve optimization problems? Is...
Jul23-14 02:13 PM
0 201
Are there any complex solutions to cos x = 2?
Jul22-14 08:15 PM
3 536
Obviously it will take some brute-force. But how do I minimize the brute-force needed (optimize)? I know one can solve...
Jul22-14 04:41 PM
1 461
A function f(x) where f(x)=length of the graph curve/line from 0 to x Can this function be expressed in algebraic...
Jul22-14 11:08 AM
8 663
So it was my observation that all the prime numbers I saw ended with digits 1,3,7,9.Is this true for all primes? Is it...
Jul22-14 09:21 AM
8 381
Why are perfect numbers important? What is the best way of introducing these numbers to a first course on number...
Jul22-14 03:55 AM
2 488
Hi! I posted a new thread about a week ago, but so far no one was able to help me: ...
Jul21-14 02:21 PM
0 377
consider a sin wave to find the average of this function over interval 2pi, why not just do... ...
Jul21-14 01:49 PM
George Jones
4 565
reliability means the probability of device that device will perform for given time interval under given condition or...
Jul21-14 10:06 AM
0 377
Our company is holding a weight loss contest consisting of 5 people teams. If one of the people weigh in but cant...
Jul21-14 03:08 AM
22 1,589
Hello, What is an affine function? My professor has been throwing around this term in the lecture videos and I have...
Jul19-14 11:42 PM
1 686
Guys, I have a problem I'm trying to solve for work (we're trying to inspect a hole, and I'm trying to determine...
Jul18-14 01:48 PM
4 832
Hi everyone! I am looking for an equation for a projectile which takes into account air resistance. I preferably want...
Jul18-14 12:47 PM
1 557
I always thought the derivatives (or generally any operation with infinitesimal (infinitely large) values) belongs to...
Jul18-14 11:44 AM
27 2,065
Suppose I have three statements of congruence: x = a mod n, y = b mod m, z = c mod p; Furthermore, x is a given...
Jul18-14 08:38 AM
2 687
I was doing some basic analysis of the Dedekind eta function and some Dirichlet series and the following equality just...
Jul18-14 07:50 AM
Simon Bridge
1 842
I am puzzled by the following example of the application of binomial expansion from Bostock and Chandler's book Pure...
Jul18-14 12:17 AM
Simon Bridge
7 2,916
Let's say I wanted to do the following calculation: (x^2 + 2x + 1) / (x+1) I've scrolled through some online...
Jul17-14 03:02 PM
14 1,383

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