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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 26,448
hello.... is it possible that we have a hypersurface of a manifold with non-zero Intrinsic curvature but have a...
Oct3-10 10:58 PM
0 702
Hi, I'm trying to learn some geometry. I'm a maths graduate but didn't take any differential geometry. I did take a GR...
Oct3-10 09:59 AM
1 873
Prove what the area is of the largest rectangle which fits in a cube of side s.
Oct3-10 12:33 AM
Loren Booda
0 890
I'm trying to do a project that requires me construct a circle with n chords. I need to find the maximum number of...
Oct2-10 08:00 PM
8 2,034
This should be a simple question for anyone familiar with basic algebraic geometry, but the concept is getting the...
Oct2-10 12:08 PM
0 636
Helo..i have a problem about geometry.. How to show that the normal spherical image of x is never constant?
Oct2-10 04:11 AM
2 1,175
I'm trying to show that the Frenet frame structural equation for a curve in R_3 can be written in the following form...
Oct1-10 10:03 AM
2 1,594
I've been working on this problem and would like some help or any hints. Give an example of a nonempty set A subset...
Oct1-10 05:54 AM
2 992
Dear all: I have a problem which may be simple for some of you. Given an image, and I calculate its edges by...
Oct1-10 03:51 AM
0 821
Let T be the collection of subsets of R consisting of the empty set and every set whose complement is countable. a)...
Sep30-10 10:22 AM
1 2,429
How does one prove that the smooth structure on 2-manifolds is unique? Source? Thx!
Sep29-10 11:32 AM
4 1,928
Let M be a manifold and let f: m -> R a Morse function. Let x be a critical point of f and assume all critical points...
Sep28-10 11:19 PM
1 1,202
My professor in lecture yesterday said that if a set is closed and bounded in a metric space it doesn't necessarily...
Sep28-10 10:10 AM
2 825
Hi, I am presently writing Python code to solve the following problem; fit the largest volume polytope (P1), with a...
Sep28-10 03:05 AM
0 948
Hello, everyone. Theorem) If each space Xa(a∈A) is a Hausdorff space, then X=∏Xa is a Hausdorff space in both the...
Sep27-10 09:29 PM
2 1,764
Can anyone tell me a good quotation about topology?
Sep26-10 10:54 AM
7 1,473
The answer is pretty clearly yes, but , embarrassingly, I cannot find a good argument to this-effect. Any hints,...
Sep26-10 09:04 AM
1 790
Hello, I am constructing a MATLAB script to tightly pack an arbitrary given geometry with spheres of a predefined...
Sep26-10 12:02 AM
1 1,364
I am having trouble proving this statement. Please help as I am trying to study for my exam, which is tomorrow ...
Sep25-10 11:26 PM
4 1,611
Hi all, I am new to topology & geometry. I skimmed through the subject in various books so I might be asking simple...
Sep24-10 09:49 AM
41 9,005
The question says: Show that if Q = x...x is a rectangle, the Q equals the closure of Int Q. The definition of...
Sep24-10 07:58 AM
1 1,444
hello, i have a clarification question: if i have a metrizable space, can any open set be written as a countable...
Sep22-10 03:54 PM
1 1,174
Function Types: continuous, surjective, injective, bijective, continuous surjective, continuous injective, continuous...
Sep21-10 09:44 PM
4 991
My professor proved this result in class, but I don't understand the "simple" direction. He said that the above...
Sep21-10 01:41 PM
2 2,023
Hi, Everyone: There is an exercise in the beginning of Bott and Tu's Diff. Forms in Algebraic Topology, of...
Sep20-10 03:20 PM
7 2,703
there is a general result that RPn is orientable if n is odd while non-orientable if n is even how to prove this...
Sep20-10 02:24 PM
25 6,528
My textbook is indicating to me that sometimes {x \in X : a <= x <= b} is an open set. How can this happen? My...
Sep19-10 08:44 PM
3 1,523
Hey, I'm trying to do some optimization on a manifold. In particular, the manifold is \mathfrak U(N) , the NxN...
Sep19-10 10:48 AM
2 816
I heard this puzzle on the MathFactor podcast (which I highly recommend). If you don't know what Asteroids is...
Sep18-10 08:20 AM
7 1,604
A. 2 circles that have the same center have their radiuses respectively 5 nd 3 cm. From A which is a point of the big...
Sep17-10 01:25 PM
2 1,282
Hey there, For quite some time I've been wondering now whether there's a well-understandable difference between the...
Sep17-10 05:41 AM
26 3,607
Do sets in a discrete topological space have boundaries?
Sep16-10 05:02 AM
2 1,664
Hi! I've finally decided to tackle a diff geom book, but I'm having trouble with this Problem 4/Chapter 2 from Do...
Sep16-10 02:59 AM
1 1,113
Consider the two shapes circle and circle with a line attached it. (Figure is attached) Are they topologically same?....
Sep15-10 11:17 PM
10 2,745
There are models I've come across in physics involving things such as a 4 dimensional surface of a 5 dimensional...
Sep13-10 07:35 PM
21 2,577
In an essence, using normal straightedge and compass construction, we can add, subtract, multiply, divide and find a...
Sep12-10 03:44 PM
2 2,606
If k is an integer between 0 and min(m,n),show that the set of mxn matrices whose rank is at least k is an open...
Sep12-10 11:46 AM
9 1,396
I wanted to find out whether i could draw a certain figure or not , so i used graph theory to get an answer.Just...
Sep11-10 07:06 PM
4 1,383
The title says it all, basically I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between the two tensors (levi-civita)...
Sep11-10 12:21 AM
9 3,087
I was wondering if topology has ever been utilized on the structure of DNA and how that applies to its functions? I am...
Sep8-10 12:18 PM
2 799

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