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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,142
Hello. I was wondering if anyone here could help me understand this method I found described in the paper: "A...
Nov1-10 12:34 PM
0 1,929
Define 2-tori as {(z1,z2)| |z1|=c1,|z2|=c2} for c1 and c2 are constants, how to show that it is diffeomorphic to S^3
Oct31-10 09:09 PM
4 1,294
So I consider myself decently strong in algebra but many of the basic, important notions in algebraic geometry are not...
Oct31-10 11:39 AM
9 2,245
I've been looking at the Birkhoff-von Neumann polytope, and the book stated that the vertices are given by the...
Oct30-10 02:18 PM
6 1,105
hello! just a quick question, does the covariant derivative of the metric give zero even when the indices(one of the...
Oct30-10 12:16 PM
3 1,357
How to find the angle of diagonal of a rectangular prism? On which plane will that be measure and why is it that so?
Oct30-10 05:16 AM
0 2,256
Hi, everyone: My prof. recently made a statement to the effect that , given a handlebody decomposition of a...
Oct29-10 07:27 PM
0 682
I might have forgotten about it cause I took a similar course two years ago. So I have this assertion: Let F be a...
Oct29-10 09:33 AM
5 1,487
Hi folks, I am following this pattern: to build a 3d model of...
Oct29-10 07:59 AM
0 941
This is from O'Neil's differential geometry. I'm having trouble parsing through the problem/hint. Given any curve...
Oct29-10 01:08 AM
2 1,403
let M be a manifold and g a metric over M . is it true that every subbundle from M must have the same metric g ?
Oct28-10 03:44 AM
5 1,123
I will preface this by saying that if anyone has the following book: Euclidean Geometry and Transformations written by...
Oct27-10 02:17 AM
5 1,295
I want a projection of Earth where distances are undistorted. i.e. 10 degrees of latitude at the equator is exactly...
Oct26-10 11:06 AM
2 1,217
Hello all, Here is my question while reading a proof. For a compact set K in a separable metrizable spce ...
Oct25-10 05:02 PM
5 1,293
I'm trying to create a program which will do these calculations. I am given Latitudes, Longitudes, and ellipsoidal...
Oct24-10 12:22 PM
1 1,821
Tensor densities are normally defined in terms of coordinate transformations. Could they also be defined as functions...
Oct24-10 09:20 AM
14 2,682
Do you agree that the following identity is true: \int_S (\nabla_\mu X^\mu) \Omega = \int_{\partial S} X \invneg ...
Oct24-10 07:06 AM
8 2,287
I get in essence what the covariant derivative is, and what it does, but im having trouble with the definition, of all...
Oct24-10 02:21 AM
8 1,260
Few days back I posted a question here that dealt with inversion geometry. A point P inside a sphere can be inverted...
Oct24-10 01:23 AM
1 1,663
Theorem: If a straight line intersects one of the sides of the asymptotic triangle ABOmega but does not pass through a...
Oct23-10 09:05 AM
0 2,363
Hello, not sure if this the right place or not to post this, but I am after a definitive answer to the definition of...
Oct22-10 10:29 PM
Moss Pauly
0 692
I'd like some help understanding three things. - What is the topology of the Grassmann manifold or oriented...
Oct22-10 02:41 PM
13 2,101
Hi everyone, I've tried googling how to calculate a straight line distance on a sphere. I got no answers for it...
Oct22-10 01:37 PM
6 1,623
Hi everyone. I have been around a problem that I cannot figure out a solution (if there is one) which is related...
Oct22-10 12:16 PM
2 2,297
Is it true that for all antisymmetric tensors F^{\mu\nu} the following identity is true: \nabla_\mu \nabla_\nu...
Oct22-10 07:36 AM
4 2,099
Hi friends; can someone tell me how to prouve that the cartan tensor is defiend in SM ( the projective sphére bundle...
Oct22-10 03:25 AM
2 963
I am writing a program that uses Snell's Law for refraction of light through two interfaces and I've encountered a...
Oct21-10 10:19 PM
0 761
Can a connected space have a countable disjoint cover of closed subsets with at least two elements?
Oct21-10 04:43 PM
15 2,311
Attached are 3 of the images I created from a simple basic Moebius Band in the ChaosPro 3.3 In each one; I severed...
Oct20-10 11:08 PM
0 2,127
Here's something that's bothering me a bit. Let f : X --> Y be a continuous function, where X and Y are topological...
Oct20-10 04:43 PM
22 2,217
Show the intersection of complex sphere (|z1|^2+|z2|^2+|z3|^2=1) in C^3 and the complex cone (z1^2+z2^2+z3^3=1) in C^3...
Oct20-10 02:02 PM
1 1,791
"if a vector field has only nondegenerate zeros then the number of zeros is bounded" With no idea how to show that...
Oct20-10 01:42 PM
2 1,779
Hello everyone...I was wondering if it is possible to conceive a 2nd center of a finite sphere in infinity...(I am not...
Oct20-10 07:45 AM
6 1,297
Which of this is tri-conic & which is bi-conic nosecone ...
Oct19-10 08:04 PM
1 1,921
This is not a homework question, although it may appear so from the title. So, in Munkres, Theorem 26.7. says that...
Oct19-10 03:32 PM
2 4,293 Octonions Jonathan Hackett, Louis Kauffman 11 pages, 11 figures (Submitted on 14...
Oct19-10 12:48 PM
16 3,389
Hi I'm trying to solve this exercise "Prove that if C is a circular cylinder with S_1 and S_2 as its boundary...
Oct18-10 04:31 PM
3 1,085
Now F:S^2->R^4 is a map of the following form: F(x,y)=(x^2-y^2,xy,xz,yz) now using the smooth covering map...
Oct18-10 05:58 AM
1 2,636
Any hint PLZ Thank You
Oct18-10 04:32 AM
3 779
How can you find more than one right inverse. Thanks for ur time
Oct17-10 07:25 PM
1 629

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