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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 31,147 Help needed, I need an expression of the figure in the...
Dec20-12 02:12 PM
9 1,095
I have a pretty simple math problem that has been giving me the biggest headache. So what I need to do is optimize the...
Dec20-12 08:19 AM
1 911
So I'm revamping the question I had posted here, after a bit of work. I'm concerned with the homomorphism induced...
Dec19-12 05:47 PM
3 1,453
I'm having a little trouble seeing something Harris says in his intro book on alg. geom. Say X is contained in P^n....
Dec19-12 02:19 PM
2 980
According to this book I'm reading, if you cut out a closed disc in the projective plane, then the complement of the...
Dec18-12 02:19 PM
5 2,767
I have got next interesting geometry example :-) I have got regular hexagon ABCDEF, when S (mark for area in...
Dec18-12 12:32 AM
1 811
Hey guys, I need to fill up a box with uniformly distributed set of non-overlapping spheres. This is quite easy to do...
Dec17-12 03:30 PM
1 958
Hi, I have a problem understanding something This is a snapshot of a book I am reading ...
Dec15-12 07:01 PM
2 850
Hi consider the following problem: The plane is ruled by the lines y=n for integer n's.To this plane we drop a cross...
Dec15-12 12:14 PM
1 844
Note: this is not a H.W. problem. I'm just curious about it. Imagine you are a flatlander living on a spherical...
Dec14-12 10:16 PM
Storm Butler
8 1,167
Good morning, I'm trying to compute the arclength (geodesic distance) between two n-dimensional points over a...
Dec14-12 11:11 AM
10 1,798
Hello, I'm trying to compute the intersection point between a n-dimensional vector and a n-sphere. Do you know how...
Dec14-12 08:50 AM
3 1,003
How do you calculate an object in 4 dimensions? Like the 4 dimensional cube. I understand that a point is the begining...
Dec14-12 08:50 AM
2 1,024
Hello, apologies in advance if my questions seem rather ignorant. I'm trying my best (and struggling) to understand...
Dec13-12 04:19 PM
2 1,539
Hello, it is true that linear transformations have constant Jacobian determinant. Is the converse true? That is,...
Dec12-12 08:59 PM
5 1,391
I have noticed that many theorems in classical geometry can be proven using vectors. Thus, I am naturally inclined to...
Dec12-12 08:51 PM
7 1,485
Hey everyone! I have the following question for you guys to settle an argument: If you were an inhabitant of...
Dec12-12 07:49 PM
1 1,056
I want to find the equations for the circles (formed on the planes) when a sphere cuts the XY, YZ and XZ planes. What...
Dec12-12 12:59 PM
4 938
Suppose you have two lines that intersect at the point O. Let's say the lines are OP and OQ. Could you construct a...
Dec12-12 10:20 AM
13 2,289
I'm trying to work out the following problem: Find the first two terms of the power series expansion for the volume...
Dec10-12 08:19 AM
3 1,021
My question relates to constructional geometry & matrices aren't to be involved in the solution because stated Math...
Dec9-12 01:45 PM
0 1,354
So in the process of giving us a crude definition of a trefoil knot, our professor talks a bit about a function on a...
Dec9-12 11:18 AM
5 1,221
Hi everybody, I hope that I chose the right Forum for my question. As the title might suggest, I am interested in...
Dec7-12 03:00 AM
3 1,497
Hi everyone, I work as a mechanical engineer in Ws Atkins in the analysis and asessment of offshore structures. We...
Dec6-12 05:34 AM
3 989
Hi Can someone please explain to me how is the rotation for quaternions pqp* = (p2 - |p|2 )q + 2 (p.q)p + 2p(pXq)...
Dec5-12 11:10 AM
0 815
Ok, so this relates to my homework, but I really can't find an answer anywhere, so this is more of a general question....
Dec4-12 10:00 PM
3 1,671
Has anyone written on differential geometry for complex spaces where rather than z = x + iy we use z = r e^it (Polar...
Dec3-12 11:49 PM
0 694
Hi All, I'm not a math guy so I am coming to you for help. I am trying to come up with an equation to graph any 180...
Dec3-12 12:06 PM
8 1,753
Hello! I have a problem. How can I convert a left part from picture which is in coordinate system (r, s) to...
Dec3-12 05:30 AM
4 1,367
Hi, Everyone: A way of defining an orientation form when given a codimension-1 , orientable n-manifold N...
Dec2-12 01:12 PM
7 1,771
Hi, All: I'm trying to show that the Mapping torus of a manifold X is a manifold, and I'm trying to see what...
Dec1-12 01:05 AM
7 1,663
Hi, I'm trying to understand the fiber bundle formulation of gauge theory at the moment, and I'm stuck on the...
Nov29-12 09:07 PM
2 1,027
Hello, I would like to ask you some questions. 1) I've a closed curve (for example an ellipse, which may...
Nov29-12 11:14 AM
3 905
I have a list of points on a 2D simple closed curve and I'd like to approximate that curve using a polynomial such...
Nov28-12 03:10 PM
0 1,084
Hi I'm working on a project where I need to develop a flight path to cover a circular area. I was thinking of having...
Nov28-12 01:29 PM
2 1,081
I been reading some material that lead me to understand that it takes an inner product of a dyad and a vector to...
Nov27-12 11:45 PM
1 1,018
I have a (3 x N) matrix of column rank 2. If each column is treated as a point in 3-space, then connecting the points...
Nov24-12 12:39 PM
2 1,243
I'm trying to find a reasonably fast method for testing whether or not a point (x,y euclidean coordinate system) lies...
Nov24-12 04:11 AM
3 1,629
If X is a left invariant vector field, then L_x \circ x_t = x_t \circ L_x , where xt is the flow of X and Lx is the...
Nov22-12 05:46 PM
0 1,093
Hello! I came across the following formula for the change in the subtended angle (of a circle), when we move our...
Nov22-12 09:17 AM
0 912

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