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Differential Geometry

- Manifolds. Tensors and forms. Connections and curvature. Differential and algebraic topology
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 26,549
Hi, I need to do this for some homework and I don't really understand... could anyone help with the following...
Oct17-12 11:14 PM
1 962
I'm trying to write an algorithm that will create the smallest possible ellipse to encompass any number of points on...
Oct17-12 11:40 AM
4 1,078
Take for example, the function: a_0(z)+a_1(z)w+a_2(z)w^2+a_3(z) w^3+a_4(z)w^4+a_5(z)w^5=0 with the degree of ...
Oct17-12 06:28 AM
0 744
I am having trouble getting a set definition of what constitutes a manifold for example , I have the real plane...
Oct15-12 11:59 PM
24 2,032
I got these people trying to say that you can orientate a solid oblong so that it looks half the length and width with...
Oct15-12 10:34 PM
Simon Bridge
3 1,059
Suppose I'm given a random function: (-8+5 z+4 z^2)\text{}+(7 z+6 z^4-7 z^5)w+(3 z^2-z^3)w^2+(-8 z-2 z^4-2...
Oct15-12 08:18 AM
0 816
I'm not sure if this is the right forum. I'm actually trying to solve this for a computer program given shape A...
Oct13-12 10:10 PM
1 1,280
Hi, buddies, i am a mechanical engineering student, and while i was going through the concepts of Instant centers of...
Oct12-12 09:37 PM
0 906
If I start out with a flat beam of length a and then I fix one side and then bend the other side up to form an arc...
Oct12-12 06:33 PM
1 1,328
Can an ellipse's focal points be outside the ellipse? I have tried googling this, but without any good explanations or...
Oct11-12 10:06 AM
4 1,224
Hello there, This might be probably a simple question, but my wondering was: Is there any relation between the...
Oct10-12 01:36 PM
3 929
Hi all, I am trying to understand geometric flows, and in particular the Ricci flow. I understand how to calculate...
Oct10-12 12:29 PM
8 1,731
I want to calculate the surface area of semi cylinder with one or both ends skew at a given angle. To calculate the...
Oct10-12 12:28 AM
3 1,441
Given a Finsler geometry (M,L,F) and $$g_{ab}^L=\frac{1}{2} \frac{\partial^2 L}{\partial y^a \partial y^b}$$...
Oct8-12 05:29 AM
0 655
I'm developing a game for the iPhone, and I have a situation where I have a graphic that the user can drag around the...
Oct4-12 06:57 AM
0 765
in the wikipedia page for the Levi Civita symbol, they have a definition of the product of 2 permutation symbols as: ...
Oct3-12 07:34 PM
2 3,276
\frac{}{}Hello, I've been trying to search for a general description for the Euclidean distance from a point to a...
Oct3-12 05:03 PM
7 1,512
The relation between the vector operator curl and rotation in fluids and vector fields is treated thoroughly in many...
Oct1-12 08:11 AM
10 1,488
hey all, in this book ;...
Sep30-12 09:05 AM
1 1,128
How do you solve ((grad(f(x,y,z))))^2?
Sep29-12 08:04 PM
17 3,495
I'm having trouble understanding the exponential map for nonlinear vector fields. If dσ/dt=X(σ) for vector field...
Sep29-12 06:39 PM
5 1,296
I posted this in yahoo questions, but perhaps this is a better place for it. The Tesseract assumes that in order to...
Sep29-12 01:38 PM
14 2,943
This is really starting to bug me. I built an object out of tooth picks and glue. It's simple. An...
Sep28-12 08:15 AM
1 1,143
I have two vectors: r1v=r1x*i + r1y*j + r1z*k r2v=r2x*i + r2y*j + r2z*k and r1=Math.sqrt(r1x^2 + r1y^2 +...
Sep27-12 10:31 PM
2 1,021
Here's a picture of an irregular tetrahedron, for reference: The base triangle...
Sep27-12 05:42 PM
15 2,989
Hi, I have a curve defined by following parametric equation \begin{equation} \gamma(\theta) = 1 + 0.5...
Sep26-12 06:50 AM
1 812
Let $$f:U \to \mathbb{R}^3$$ be a surface with local coordinates $$f_i=\frac{\partial f}{\partial u^i}$$. Let $\omega$...
Sep25-12 03:38 PM
3 1,194
Hello, Can anyone tell me the general formula for commuting covariant derivatives, I mean, given a (r,s)-tensor...
Sep25-12 02:48 PM
2 1,718
If you have a Right Triangle and you have one angle, alpha. How do you find the other angle, beta?
Sep22-12 10:08 PM
2 1,136
I have a star-shaped geometry described by following parametric equation: \begin{equation} ...
Sep22-12 07:11 AM
6 1,486
Hey everybody, I was reading in Singularities of differentiable maps by Arnold, Gusein-Zade and Varchenko and I...
Sep20-12 01:00 PM
2 1,000
Ok first of all I'd like to mention that I've searched the forum and didn't find anything similar, so hopefully this...
Sep20-12 09:18 AM
4 1,333
Hello! Im trying to read some mathematical physics and have problems with the understanding of vector fields. Th...
Sep19-12 02:58 PM
5 1,497
How can one prove the formula for the surface of a cone as well as the volume of a cone without using calculus? Most...
Sep17-12 07:03 PM
5 2,106
Iím curious, but no mathematician. Euclidean geometry is the only type for which I've had training (45 years ago). ...
Sep17-12 03:15 PM
13 1,314 How do the circles still intersect at the...
Sep17-12 12:12 PM
6 1,312
can one construct a solid Klein bottle - a 3 manifold whose boundary is a Klein bottle as follows. - Start with a...
Sep17-12 09:14 AM
3 1,379
I am a college student .My club is planning an exhibition on the theme "Topology". Please suggest a main model for...
Sep15-12 10:24 PM
1 947
Hello everyone. I just created a YouTube video on how to draw 4, 5, 6, and 7 dimensional objects. Yes, contrary to...
Sep13-12 10:23 PM
3 1,399
Consider a point p in a manifold with coordinates x^\alpha and another point nearby with coordinates x^\alpha +...
Sep13-12 04:56 AM
7 2,805

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