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    Prove 2^n possibly with the binomial theorem

    Prove for all n\inN 2n= (\stackrel{n}{0})+(\stackrel{n}{1})+...+(\stackrel{n}{n}) So I used mathematical induction base case: n=0 so 20=1 and (\stackrel{0}{0})=1 induction step: Let n\inN be given, assume as induction hypothesis that 2n=...
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    Flat plate, circular hole center of mass

    thanks so much for all your help! if you wouldn't mind looking at my other problem:
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    Flat plate, circular hole center of mass

    yes the center of the circle is (3,0) so what is x1...? is it 1/2?
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    Flat plate, circular hole center of mass

    Yes I meant minus on the bottom the 7 is from how far away the cicle is from the begin on the rectangle sorry I don't have the picture but the shapes are on a coordinate system and inside the rectangle (that goes from (-6,0) to (7,0) ) the circle lies at (1,0) to (5,0).
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    Angle and speed of can after collision

    Please, anyone? Am I even on the right track?
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    Flat plate, circular hole center of mass

    alright, is this right: 13*6(1/2)-(7)(22\Pi/ (13*6+ 4\Pi)
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    Flat plate, circular hole center of mass

    this is probably a dumb question, but how do you find the mass of the rectangle and circle? and is the x1 and x2 the coordinates?
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    Flat plate, circular hole center of mass

    Homework Statement A uniform flat plate of metal with a circular hole, where it is a rectangle starting from -6 to 7 from the length, and the height is -3 to 3. The circle has a radius of 2, and it starts at 1 to 5. Calculate the x-coordinate of the center of mass xcm of the metal plate...
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    Angle and speed of can after collision

    Homework Statement An m2 = 1.2 kg can of soup is thrown upward with a velocity of v2 = 4.6 m/s. It is immediately struck from the side by an m1 = 0.63 kg rock traveling at v1 = 7.9 m/s. The rock ricochets off at an angle of α = 65◦ with a velocity of v3 = 5.5 m/s. (a)What is the angle of...
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    Magnitude of Momentum, relative to the center of mass

    Homework Statement A 4.39 g particle is moving at 4.15 m/s toward a stationary 9.64 g particle. (a)With what speed does the heavier particle approach the center of mass of the two particles? Answer in units of m/s. (b) What is the magnitude of the momentum of the lighter particle...
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    Length along ramp from end of spring, picture included

    would it be 1/2kx2=mgh h=kx2/2mg well i tried and did 1400(.19)2/(2*2.3*9.8) h=1.12112m then sin33=o/h h=o/sin30 h=2.05846 2.05846-.19 m=1.8684m which is 186.84 cm which is wrong well I reread the problem and it says when it is uncompressed so .57 m I misused 2.05846-.57=1.48846 which is...
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    Distance of particle travels from origin, and maximum speed, picture included

    I'm still confused... what part is Uf and what part is Ui and I don't know how to calculate kinetic energy without velocity
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    Final velocity of spring down incline with fricition

    Homework Statement A spring with a spring-constant 2.5 N/cm is compressed 35 cm and released. The 4 kg mass skids down the frictional incline of height 37 cm and inclined at a 20◦ angle. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . The path is frictionless except for a distance of 0.5 m along the...