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    Transformation of Stress (Mech. Materials)

    Homework Statement Question is attached Homework Equations σ(x) = 0 σ(y)= P/A t(xy)= Tc/j The Attempt at a Solution I know how to do the stress transformation, but my only issue is noticing why σ(x)= 0, I cant see it, can someone help me.
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    Electric potential

    Homework Statement As an electron moves from a high potential to a low potential, its electric potential energy? a) increases b) remains the same c) decreases Homework Equations we know that V=U q0 the electric potential = potential energy times the charge. The...
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    Equilibrium of rigid bodies

    Homework Statement Determine the reaction at C. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i know i have to take the moment about line DB and thus resulting in ƩM(DB)= λ(DA X F) + λ(DC X RC) =0 where λ = DB/ DB however the book solved it differently. they instead do...
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    Statics- equilibrium of rigid bodies

    Homework Statement An opening in a floor is covered by a 1×1.2-m sheet of plywood of mass 18 kg. The sheet is hinged at A and B and is maintained in a position slightly above the floor by a small block C. Determine the vertical component of the reaction (a) at A, (b) at B, (c) at C. Homework...
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    Comp Sci C++- while-loop

    I got it and yes, there's no need why to have count there!
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    Comp Sci C++- while-loop

    I did write the whole code and declared all my variables. i just didnt want to post it fully here for some reason or the other. I apologize. here is the whole code. #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int count; int num; int x; count=1...
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    Comp Sci C++- while-loop

    C++-- while-loop Homework Statement calculate the 3 largest number of a sequence Homework Equations you ask the user to input a sequence of numbers, and enter the value 0 to stop entering numbers. c++ The Attempt at a Solution i managed to calculate the the maximum of the series of...
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    Net Electric field

    Homework Statement Figure 22-7a shows three particles with charges q1= +2Q, q2=-2Q, and q3 = -4Q, each a distance d from the origin. What net electric field E is produced at the origin? Homework Equations E=q/r^2* 1/(4∏ε0) The Attempt at a Solution So i calculated the of each particles...
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    How would I integrate?

    omg! i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! i did it. that was so stupid of me. thank you.
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    How would I integrate?

    Homework Statement integrate 2t^(2)/(1+t^2)^(2) Homework Equations trig sub 1+tan^2(x)= sec^2(x) The Attempt at a Solution the attempted solution is attached.
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    Linear momentum

    Well guys! thank you either way!
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    Linear momentum

    And since there are no external forces acting on it, then momentum is conserved. so, we have to finish with what we started. if there was a external forces, such as in a rocket thrust problem, then we will have to involve impulse, in order to calculate the the Vf of the rocket, right?
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    Linear momentum

    @Rude man, im confused. so in general, M(total) *V(initial)= M(train)*V(final train) + m(of sand)* velocity( throughout the 30 mins) which gives me vf=20m/s. which is sort of weird, since is the same velocity we started with. Is it okay to think of it this way; that in order to have...
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    Linear momentum

    It is an example question from old quizzes. why? the problem doesnt make sense? can someone help me? so would it be (100,000)(20)= (85,000)(vf) +(15,000)(20)? because the sand that is falling out, has the same speed of the cart throughout the 30 mins