What is excitations: Definition and 14 Discussions

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  1. khaled_omar

    Validation issue in ANSYS MAXWELL regarding boundaries and excitations

    I am facing this error disabling from obtaining magnetic field observation anyone has an idea on what I should do to avoid this error? At least one of the following boundaries needs to be specified: Vector potential, Balloon or (odd)Symmetry. the work is so basic just inject currents as a...
  2. C

    I How can phonons "travel" if they are excitations of normal modes?

    My understanding is that you can describe the complicated motion of atoms in a crystal as a sum of standing waves (normal modes). A phonon is an excitation of a normal mode in the sense that it increases the vibration amplitude of that normal mode and the energy of that mode by a quantized...
  3. A

    I Interacting fields in QFT and minimum excitations....

    Following up on @A. Neumaier's excellent series of articles on virtual particles, I'm confused about one thing (well of of several). If you pop over to the discussion of virtual particles on Matt Strassler's page, he mentions that, for example, an excitation in the photon (em) field will also...
  4. Ryan Reed

    Field Excitations and their Collisions

    How do collisions occur between different particles when the field excitements that make them are not the same? Also how do you collide when the field are the same? Wouldn't the values of the field just increase until the particles pass through each other? (Like a constructive wave). What I mean...
  5. E

    Exploring the Flat Dispersion of Charge Excitations in Solids

    Hello everybody, I have a question related to dispersionless excitations in solids (especially charge excitations). Usually when you have a charge excitation involving an impurity in a solid or another excitation that is very local in real space, they show up with a flat dispersion in...
  6. L

    Question about quantum of excitations in QED

    About photons, in qed, I have not understood if there is difference between "the excitation modes of the EM field" or "the energy difference between these excitation modes". Sorry if I make a mess with these concepts. -- lightarrow
  7. S

    Difference between gapless excitations and Goldstone bosons

    I have been looking around on the web and in books to clarify this, but can't find a good explanation describing relationship/difference between gapless modes/excitations and Goldsone modes/bosons in Condensed matter physics. Does the term "gapless modes" mean that no energy is required for...
  8. B

    New Possibilities for Kagome-Lattice Antiferromagnet Excitations

    New discovery opening up new possibilities: “Fractionalized excitations in the spin-liquid state of a kagome-lattice antiferromagnet” http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v492/n7429/abs/nature11659.html Cheers, Bobbywhy
  9. E

    Nilsson Model excitations

    A nucleus has several rotational bands built on different Nilsson Model levels. Do these bandheads occur for different deformation of the nucleus or does an individual nucleon change level? My educated guess is that it's the deformation that changes, but I need to be sure. :)
  10. T

    Impulsive Acoustic Excitations Problem

    All, I'm doing an acoustics homework assignment and I'm having some issues. The velocity profile at time=0 is an N-shaped that goes from -1 to 1. I'm supposed to use the 1-D wave equation to find the "governing equation that describes the spatial/temporal air displacement of this wave"...
  11. E

    Matter as excitations of spacetime lattice?

    It is a common theme among background independent quantum gravity theories that there should be some sort of discretization, or fuzziness, of the spacetime manifold occurring on Planckian scales. It has occurred to me that if we take this discretization to consist of a lattice of sorts, might...
  12. T

    Elementary excitations VS. Quasiparticles

    "Elementary excitations" VS. "Quasiparticles" What's the difference between "Elementary exitations" and "Quasiparticle"? Thanks!
  13. marcus

    C, P, and T of Braid Excitations in Quantum Gravity (Song He, Yidun Wan)

    http://arxiv.org/abs/0805.1265 C, P, and T of Braid Excitations in Quantum Gravity Song He, Yidun Wan 28 pages, 5 figures (Submitted on 9 May 2008) "We study the discrete transformations of four-valent braid excitations of framed spin networks embedded in a topological three-manifold. We show...
  14. V

    Generating Mechanical Excitations on Solid Masses (Earth)

    Could someone please assist me with other ways to generate mechanical excitations on a solid mass(e.g earth) apart from seismic activities, nuclear detonation, use of dynamite and percusion( like use of hammer on rocks)? The essence of this is to actually find out the resonance frequencies of...