What is Force components: Definition and 35 Discussions

The Joint Force Air Component Headquarters (JFACHQ) is the United Kingdom's deployable air command and control unit. The JFACHQ is run by the Royal Air Force with representation from the other services.The JFACHQ has members from the operations and operations support branches of the RAF to both plan and execute the air war as well as support the deployed air components from A1 to A9.
The unit is based at RAF High Wycombe. It can deploy worldwide at short notice to run an air campaign.
The constituent parts of the JFAC are broken down according to the Continental staff system:

A1 – PANDA (Personnel and administration)
A2 – RAF Intelligence
A3 – Air operations (both plans and current operations)
A4 – Air logistics
A5 – Air strategy and contingency planning
A6 – Air CIS (Communication and Information Systems)
A7 – Air training
A8 – Finance and budgets
A9 – POLAD (Political advice) and LEGAD (Legal adviser)

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  1. sHatDowN

    Vector sample problem -- Force components on a spring mechanism

    Determine the amount and type (tensile or compressive) of the spring force so that the resulting force is a vertical force. Also get the resultant force. i find 60N (compressive) and resultant forces is 10800 is that correct?
  2. Lay1

    A boat being pulled by two other boats with cables

    FAx = F cos 40 FAy = F sin 40 2FAx = Drag Drag = 6128N The answer says 6200N
  3. rudransh verma

    Confusion with force components

    x component of ##F_3## ##F_{3x}= m a_x- F_{1x}-F_{2x}## = ##ma\cos 50-F_1\cos(-150)-F_2\cos90## y component of ##F_3## ##F_{3y}= m a_y-F_{1y}-F_{2y}## =##ma\sin50-F_1\sin(-150)-F_2\sin90## And so on… My question how we can represent it in diagram ##F_1\sin(-150)##. I suppose...
  4. C

    The Force components acting on an object

    Another user suggested adding the forces in the x and y direction then dividing by 1.4. Doing this for A) gave me 4.285 which was wrong any suggestions?
  5. FEAnalyst

    Force components acting on an airfoil

    Hi, I have a simple question but I want to be 100% sure that my reasoning is correct. Take a look at this picture showing forces acting on an airfoil: Green forces (X and Y components) are known from CFD software but I need the values of blue components (lift and drag). Of course for zero...
  6. SebastianRM

    I What is the tangential component? Taylor p.347

    I do not understand why the tan component for a gravity affected by the centrifugal force: g = Ω^2 * R * sinθ * cosθ So I tried to draw this: using a "big" X-shaped axis where the / component goes along the main gravity direction while \ points normal to / this direction. Then the centrifugal...
  7. S

    Understanding Force Components in a Hanging Box System

    Homework Statement A box of mass X kg hangs motionless from two ropes, as shown in the diagram. The angle of rope 1 is specified amount of degrees. Choose the box as the system. The x-axis runs to the right, the y-axis runs up, and the z-axis is out of the page. What is the magnitude of |F2|...
  8. Physicsterian

    Extending an aircraft landing gear that has gotten stuck

    Imagine an aircraft of which the its wing is connected to its landing gear by means of a hinge (joint), and then the gear suddenly gets stuck midway. If, subsequently, the aircraft makes a turn around its longitudinal axis (see picture), it seems to hold true that then the angle between the...
  9. H

    Find the force between 2 blocks

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution B at rest. A moves 7m/s and bump into B. Object A is frictionless. Object B not, coeff of friction = 0.2. g = 9.8 m/s2 After collision both objects moves together with speed 2 m/s to the...
  10. H

    Find the time when the spring reaches its max height

    Homework Statement Homework Equations f = Spring's constant * ##\Delta x## Potential Energy = ##\frac{1}{2} kx^2## The Attempt at a Solution I try to find constant of the springs Fabove + Fbelow - W = 0 k*(0,2 m) + k*(0,2m) - ##\frac{1}{2}## * 9,8 = 0 0,4k = 4,9 k = 12,25 N/m can I use...
  11. G

    Rotational Torque/Force Problem (rod around hinge)

    Homework Statement A Rod of Mass "M" is attached to a two-way hinge on the floor. It is being pulled by a spring (extension spring, so force is pulling the rod to the right, causing it to move clockwise). The hinge is frictionless. the rod has a mass of 5kg evenly distributed the pulling...
  12. L

    Clarification for inclined plane object, force components

    Homework Statement there is a frictinless slope. And there is a box sliding down the slope. let's say that the slope slides from right, towards the down and left. object's mass is unknown value m. angle of the slope is 35deg. calculate the absolute value of the acceleration that the box has...
  13. Kathleen Sheppard

    Pressure Exerted on Person in City Bus Collision

    City bus estimated at 50,000 lbs is at a stop light and completely stationary. It's on a flat surface. Bus is hit by a 3600 lb car traveling at 45 to 50 mph hits bus from behind. This bus is shoved fforward 3 feet. 275 lb person leaning into frame of bus just above where the impact occurred. How...
  14. Jojo96

    Determine is box of unknown mass is sliding down a ramp?

    Homework Statement A box of textbooks at unknown mass rests on a loading ramp that makes an angle α = 16o with the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction is 0.30, and kinetic friction is 0.25. Then the box is released. (a) Will it start sliding down the ramp? (a) Find the normal force...
  15. **Mariam**

    Tension of a pendulum and force components

    Homework Statement What is the tension in a pendulum? Is T=mgcos(theta) or is T=mg/(cos(theta)) ? and is the x component of tension is mgsin(theta) and this is the restoring force? Homework Equations Fnet=ma Fg=mg The Attempt at a Solution Maybe it depends on the problem given? But I am...
  16. P

    Charge on q from other charges given net force is zero

    Homework Statement Consider the figure below, we need to find the charge on Q_0, both charges Q are negative. It is given that the net charge on Q_A is zero. The figure of the problem is attached. The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to get the solution except for one part. I'm just...
  17. P

    Maximizing x-component of force

    A charge Q is placed at a distance a = 3m and a charge q is placed at a distance b For what value(s) of b is the x-component of the force maximized? I know to maximize the force we need to maximize F_Qq = k Qq b/(3^2 + b^2)^{3/2}. To do this we need to set the first derivative to zero and...
  18. P

    Force at center of cube due to four charges of equal mag.

    Homework Statement Four charges of 2*10^-7 are placed on the corners of one face of a cube of 15 cm. A charge of -2 * 10^-7 C is placed at the center of the cube. What is the force on the charge at the center of the cube? Homework Equations F = k q_1*q_2/r^2 The Attempt at a Solution...
  19. T

    Calculate horizontal and vertical force components

    I have a construction containing two force sensors. http://postimg.org/image/3zv76lo3b/ The sensors are not able to divide the force into components. If a force is applied that ´tips´ the upper plate, I was wondering if it was then possible to divide the force into horizontal and vertical...
  20. Mr Davis 97

    Force components of two strings tied to a painting at 45 degree angles

    Homework Statement Find the equation of the horizontal components of two strings tied to a painting at 45 degree angles with the horizontal.Homework Equations Fnet = 0The Attempt at a Solution Since the painting is in equilibrium, I found that, in the horizontal direction, Fnet = 0 = S1x -...
  21. Hijaz Aslam

    Force components of hanging pith balls

    Consider the pith balls in the diagram: Both of them has mass 'm' and charge 'q'. The question asks for the charge on both the pith balls. The concept is a bit straightforward. But I am confused at the force distribution experienced by the pith balls. My text tackles the problem with...
  22. Summer95

    Force Components, Friction, etc. Check my work?

    Could someone credible please check my work on this one? Homework Statement This problem is "pulling a sled up a slope" All relevant data is in the picture. I wanted to find FP (The force one has to pull to start the sled moving up with slope). mass = 26.0kg μs = 0.096 slope of hill = 12...
  23. K

    Vertical Load on a Purlin - find x and y force components

    A roof purlin, supported by a roof rafter must support a 300 lb vertical snow load. Determine the component of of the snow load as a concentrated load “P” both perpendicular and parallel to the axis of the rafter. I read that the perpendicular component of the 300lb force can be figured out by...
  24. M

    Unbalanced Force Components and Acceleration

    Homework Statement Givens: Mass of Cart = 1156g = 1.156kg Mass on string = 400g = 0.4kg Mass on Cart = 1003g = 1.003kg The weight attached to the pulley generates the applied force. Homework Equations Calculate the force applied. The Attempt at a Solution Look on the sheet.
  25. E

    Difference between Force components using triangle rule and dotproduct

    Hello everyone, I have here one important abstract question which makes up some perplexity to my understanding. Attached to this post is one pic of F and two new introduced axes ( u and v ) . Let us for instance not consider them as perpendicular to each other. Now, if I...
  26. G

    Inclined plane force components and the acceleration problem

    Homework Statement There is no variable for it but we know the angel σ, g, the mass of m1 and m2, m2>m1 and the coordinate system must be considered like that. I know the other method which the coordinate system is parallel to the inclined plane's hypotenuse. Homework Equations F=m*a...
  27. S

    Rigid Body Static Equilibrium. Find force components

    Homework Statement Pin C joins members ABC and CDE Homework Equations Sum of moments at a point = 0 Sum of vertical forces = 0 Sum of horizontal forces = 0 Weight of triangle acts as a force at its centroid (1/3) its length according to this figure. The Attempt at a Solution...
  28. D

    Force components between two bodies

    I am making an n-body simulator, but I'm stuck. How can I find the components of the Force acting between two bodies such as the Earth and the Sun. I know it's- F * Cos(theta) and F * Sin(theta) but if I don't know the angle how can I find the components? I'm using the diagram on this...
  29. Z

    Finding Vector Components in Different Directions

    Homework Statement Find the component of the force \vec{F} = 2\hat{i} - 2\hat{j} + \hat{k} in: a) the direction (\hat{i} + \hat{j} - \hat{k})/\sqrt{3} b) the direction of the vector 3\hat{i} + 2\hat{j} - 6\hat{k} Homework Equations dir \vec{A} = \vec{A}/|\vec{A}|The Attempt at a Solution...
  30. A

    Drawing FBD & Splitting Force Components - Quick Tips!

    Hi, When drawing the FBD (ex. block on incline), and when you split a force into x and y components, where do you put theta when giving the angle of let's say, the incline? Is there a trick to this? I generally know where to put it (basic trig), but for some reason I can't use trig for some...
  31. R

    What are the magnitudes of the two force components?

    Homework Statement There is a resultant force going towards the positive x-axis at 500 lbf. Force 1 is going 45 degrees above the positive x axis. Force 2 is going 30 degrees below the positive x axis. What are magnitudes of Force 1 and Force 2? The Attempt at a Solution I wrote up...
  32. C

    Force Components: Motion on xy-Plane, Non-Conservative Force

    Consider the motion of an object on the xy-plane. Show that the force whose x and y- components are respectivley Fx= (3N/m)y and Fy= 0 is not conservative.
  33. D

    Finding the Parallel Component of a Force on an Inclined Surface

    Homework Statement I need to find the component of W (the 400N force) that is parallel to the slide as in the attached picture. As you can see there is a 24 degree angle between the surface and ground.Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I should be using simple trigonometry. The...
  34. A

    Find Gravitational Force Component on Inclined Plane - 388.5 N, 36.1°

    Homework Statement a box weighing 388.5 N on an inclined plane that makes a 36.1 degree angle with the horizontal. compute the component of the gravatational force on the inclined plane in N Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution would you find the gravatiational...
  35. K

    Need help finding force components.

    I am having a problem with this question. I can't figure out how to approach it. A solid sphere of mass m and radius r rolls without slipping along the track. it starts from rest with the lowest point of the sphere at height h above the bottom of the loop of radius R, much larger than r...