force equation

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    3 Springs and 2 Masses

    1. Homework Statement Two masses (M1 and M2) are connected together by 3 springs. The spring constants are k1, k2, k3. Block 1 is at equilibrium at x=0. Block 2 is at equilibrium at x=1. Determine a function for the force on the blocks. 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Particle with mass m and force F(t). Show that x = x(t)

    1. Homework Statement A particle of mass m is initially at rest at x = 0. It is acted upon by a force F = A cosh (\beta t) (1) A) Show that at very small values of t, the position is approximately given by x(t) = \frac{1}{2}\frac{F_0}{m}t^2 (2), where F_0 is the force...
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    Force equations: Force on ground by angled supports

    1. Homework Statement P=60kN angle alpha = 45 degrees angle beta = 20 degrees The task is to calculate the force on the base A and C, and to draw vectors that represent those forces. 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution I did similar examples at the class, but when I had...
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    How to calculate force exerted by ground

    1. Homework Statement Force exerted by the ground on the rocket Mass of the Rocket = 1500kg Duration of landing impact = 0.04 s Velocity at time of impact = 175 m/s Distance travelled = 30km Time taken to complete journey = 6 minutes Acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 m/s^2 2. Homework...
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    Verify Sol. of an Dynamic Problem with 2 Wheels

    1. The problem is the following: Starting from stillness @ t = 0, we are looking for the acceleration @T=0 of the 2 wheels (rolling without slip, in particular in point P4 we have a gear wheel contact so we can have that the reaction R2y of the plane could be also in direction y2, in this case...
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    Forces Equations: Same Forces?

    Are two forces in the equation different forces? I heard the force in the second equation is like impulsive force. The concept is nebulous to me can someone also elaborate further? f=ma f= mxΔv/t