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  1. M

    I Anton Zeilinger's comment about free will being required for science

    I'm not following the above quote about free will "This fundamental assumption is essential to doing science" If I perform experiments and find that conditions X are followed by conditions Y and Y=F(X) (or the probabilistic analog for QM), haven't I done science, independent of how much my free...
  2. entropy2information

    B Doesn't the choice of measurement prove free will

    I was reading the free will theorem and it basically says that subatomic particles and observers have to have free will because there's nothing prior to measurement that predetermines the outcome. Here's more: The free will theorem states: Given the axioms, if the two experimenters in question...
  3. G

    I Why all the rejection of superdeterminism?

    Hi. As far as I understand, superdeterminism (i.e. the experimentators are not free to choose the measurement parameters) allows the formulation of a local realistic quantum theory. But apparently physicists don't like the thought of not being in charge. Anton Zeilinger: "[W]e always implicitly...
  4. E

    I A question about the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment

    This delayed choice quantum eraser experiment captured my attention and after deep thought about it, I find it really startling and totally punishing to my common sense. My question is: Can you predict the future, say, a human's mind, using the quantum eraser? I imagine a modified version of the...
  5. G

    I "Counterfactual definiteness" vs. "free will"

    Hi. What's the exact relation between the assumptions "counterfactual definiteness" and "existence of free will"? I (think I) know their "definitions" in QM: counterfactual definiteness: ability to speak meaningfully of the definiteness of the results of measurements that have not been...