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The external globus pallidus (GPe or lateral globus pallidus) combines with the internal globus pallidus (GPi) to form the globus pallidus, an anatomical subset of the basal ganglia. Globus pallidus means "pale globe" in Latin, indicating its appearance. The external globus pallidus is the segment of the globus pallidus that is relatively further (lateral) from the midline of the brain.
The GPe GABAergic neurons, allow for its inhibitory function and projects axons to the subthalamic nucleus (in the diencephalon), the striatum, internal globus pallidus (GPi) and substantia nigra pars reticulata.The GPe is particular in comparison to the other elements of the set by the fact that it does not work as an output base of the basal ganglia (not sending axons to the thalamus) but as the main regulator of the basal ganglia system. It is sometimes used as a target for deep brain stimulation as a treatment for Parkinson's disease.

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  1. J

    I Should we consider GPE in the vertical case of SHM?

    For the horizontal case of SHM, we only need to consider KE and EPE. But should we also take GPE into consideration when we are dealing with a vertical case?
  2. J

    Moving Down a Ramp: Answers & Explanations

    Homework Statement Please look at the problem attached as a screenshot. Homework Equations Assuming frictionless, Ei = Ef, which means objects that are the same will end up in the same heights (so we can group A&C, B&D, and E&F). For A&C and E&F, mgh = KE_rot + KE_trans For B&D, it is mgh...
  3. J

    Solid sphere rolling along a track

    Homework Statement Please see the attached file. Homework Equations Ei = Ef The Attempt at a Solution I don't have an answer key provided, but I'd really like to verify that I'm right (or if I'm wrong, why). I think ti'd be (c) because assuming that due to inertia, B will continue going...
  4. M

    Equation to represent the GPE of a pirate ship ride?

    Homework Statement I came across the question above - and one of my peers told me that the equation E = 100(1-coskt) + a in the question is actually inaccurate in that it does not represent the motion of the pirate ship ride properly, because the equation isn't simple harmonic - the negative...
  5. isukatphysics69

    GPE Between the Moon and the Earth?

    Homework Statement How to determine GPE between moon and earth? Homework Equations mgh The Attempt at a Solution I know that gpe near Earth's surface is mgh, but at larger distances is there a specific way to calculate?
  6. G

    When is Gravitational Potential Energy Considered in the Work-Energy Theorem?

    When using the work-energy theorem (Wnet=ΔE), when do you take gravitational potential energy into account? Change in energy implies all types of energy involved, but in what cases would PEg be a part of it?
  7. Leah12

    Potential Energy Problem -- GPE of a person at 5334m above sea level

    1. With an elevation of 5334 m above sea level, the village of Aucanquilca, Chile, is the highest inhabited town in the world. What would be the gravitational potential energy associated with a 64.0 kg person in Aucanquilca? Assume that the free-fall acceleration at Aucanquilca is equal to that...
  8. A

    GPE and Escape Velocity: Understanding the Relationship for Moving Objects

    Is it necessary to be the kinetic energy greater than gpe to move ( I don't talk about in orbits) Example : Is it will be harder to move an object has a bigger gpe ( same mass but bigger hight from ground). And thanks.
  9. S

    Simulating 1D time-independent Bose Einstein Condensation

    Hello! I'm trying to simulate a one dimensional time independent BEC, I hope this is the right place to ask for help. First of all, here's my code in Python. import sys import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt if len(sys.argv) == 1: niter = 100 elif len(sys.argv) == 2: niter...
  10. C

    Calculating Velocity of a Sliding Box on an Inclined Ramp

    Homework Statement A box of mass 6.2 kg slides 4.8 m down a ramp that is inclined 38 degrees to the horizontal. What is the velocity of the box right before it hits the ground? Mass=6.2 Height=dsintheta? V=is what needs to be found theta=38 Homework Equations GPE=mgh=mgdsin(theta) KE=1/2mv^2...
  11. A

    Can someone help me please - Velocity and GPE and Forces

    Homework Statement Explain why the velocity at time of impact was much higher than the average velocity Explain why the actual gravitational potential energy will in reality be much higher than this Explain why increasing the time of impact would mean the rocket was less likely to get...
  12. H

    Loss of GPE of a linearly growing raindrop

    Consider a spherical raindrop that falls at a constant velocity and whose radius ##r## is proportional to the distance ##h## fallen, i.e., ##r=kh##. Find the loss of gravitational potential energy (GPE) after it has fallen a distance ##h##. The given answer is ##mg\frac{h}{4}## but my answer is...
  13. G

    GPE and gravitational force exerted by a ring

    Homework Statement Consider a homogeneous thin ring of mass 2.5 x 1022 kg and outer radius 3.9 x 108 m (the figure). (a) What gravitational attraction does it exert on a particle of mass 69 kg located on the ring's central axis a distance 3.7 x 108 m from the ring center? (b) Suppose that...
  14. tink7718

    Initial height of a bouncing ball and energy lost

    I am doing a lab in my senior physics class (IB HL Physics 3-4) and I am very confused about a relationship that I found. For my experiment I dropped a racquetball from different heights and then used video analysis to find the height of the ball on its final bounce. I used this data to...
  15. iamazombie911

    Gravitational Potential Energy

    Homework Statement Two neutron stars are separated by a distance of 4.80 E 10 m. They each have a mass of 3.60 E 30 kg and a radius of 1.30 E 5 m. If they are initially at rest... How fast is each star moving when their separation has decreased to half its initial value? How fast is each star...
  16. Z

    Which GPE formula is right and when do I use this other

    In my formula sheet I have written down that deltaPEg = (PEg final - PEg initial) but then I have written down that -(deltaPEg) = (PEg final - PEg initial) which one is right? Oh and another question, when do I use the formula deltaK + deltaPE = 0?
  17. UMath1

    GPE: How Does an Object Gain Potential Energy?

    Gravitational potential energy is equal to negative work. But in the case of lifting an object upwards, the work done on the object would be 0. The work on the object by the lifter would equal the work on the object by gravity. Then, how does the object get GPE?
  18. S

    Possible website title: Understanding GPE and KE Equations for Physics Homework

    Homework Statement 1) What is the GPE of a 2 kg block 5 meters above the floor? 2) Joe throws a 4 kg stone straight up and it reaches a height of 5 meters. What is its GPE at its highest point? 3) How high do you have to lift a 1 kg ball to give it 49 J of GPE?[/B] 4) What is the KE of a 4kg...
  19. F

    GPE & KE: Understanding the Fundamentals

    I’m trying to get my head around the concepts of GPE and KE. Imagine I kick a ball vertically. What information do I need to determine the velocity of the ball as it leaves my foot, the KE and the GPE at the time the ball is released?
  20. F

    Increasing GPE & KE: Can Force x Distance Be Avoided?

    If i wanted to increase the gravitational potential energy of a ball do I always have to apply a force times a distance? In this case the force would be the weight of the ball and the distance would be the height. What if I kicked the ball upwards? I wouldn't be applying a force times a distance...
  21. M

    GPE Deriv.: Integral Limits & Why Keep Inf. as Lower Limit?

    Why is infinite kept as a lower limit in the derivation of gravitational potential energy? Shouldn't the lower limit be smaller than the upper limit? http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/gpot.html
  22. S

    Change in GPE and Ek as object approaches a planet

    This is not a homework question. Whilst looking over at previous exam papers on classical physics, I came across this question in the attachment. I always assumed gravitational potential energy increased as you moved further away from a mass. But the expected answer to this question shows the...
  23. M

    Proving GPE considering 0 at earths surface

    Can someone derive the formula to calculate the GPE of a mass which is away from the Earth by considering 0 potential at Earth's surface
  24. B

    What is the minimum energy required to escape a gravitational field?

    Hello, I am currently reading about the conception of a general expression for gravitational potential energy. I understand that we have to use methods of calculus to generate a general expression of gravitational potential energy, because when considering alterations to the configuration of an...
  25. R

    Calculating GPE of a 500lb Weight Lifted 40'

    This is probably child's play for you guys but can you show me how to figure the gpe of a 500lb weight lifted straight up 40'? In joules? I assume the work done is equal to the gpe? Thank guys
  26. P

    Change in GPE of the moon as the radius increases. Getting extreme answers

    Okay, first of all, sorry for not posting here, I unknowingly posted this q in the wrong section and got an infraction. Sorry againHomework Statement Question : Calculate the change in gravitational potential energy of the moon, when the radius of it's orbit increases by 4cm. Radius ...
  27. J

    Gravitational Potential Energy During Nuclear Reactions

    A strange thought has occurred to me this morning. Each piece of matter has a huge amount of gravitational potential energy stored in the universe. My thought is that during nuclear reactions the large amounts of energy that are released would be tiny compared to the loss of gravitational...
  28. E

    GPE and KE of two unequal masses over pulley

    Homework Statement Two unequal masses are connected by a light cord passing over a smooth pulley. State the gravitational potential energy \DeltaU(> or < or = 0) and the kinetic energy \DeltaK(> or < or = 0) of the system after the masses are released from rest? Homework Equations...
  29. C

    Negative Gravity? Is GPE Really -mgh?

    This has been bothering me, since I just realized I've never really thought about it. What's the correct sign of gravity? Of course, it's supposed to be negative, since it points down, but in GPE (mgh) it seems to be positive. GPE is positive above the zero level, and so g must be positive as...
  30. M

    Conservation of energy and GPE problem

    Homework Statement A 2.7 kg bundle starts up a 27° incline with 106 J of kinetic energy. How far will it slide up the incline if the coefficient of kinetic friction between bundle and incline is 0.42? Homework Equations K= 1/2mv^2 conservation of energy => Ki + Ui = Kf+Uf The...
  31. T

    Conservation of energy and GPE

    Car has a mass of 1000 kg its at a the top of a 10 degree hill. so if you were to draw a triangle the the base of the triangle would be 50 M in length as well. a)what is it gravitational potential energy relative to the bottom of the hill? Height = 50 * Tan 10 = 8.816 Potential...
  32. C

    Solving GPE of Satellite in Circular Orbit

    Homework Statement i) Show that when a satellite (or planet) is in a circular orbit it's kinetic energy (positive) is one-half of it's potential energy (negative). ii) Show that in order to escape from the Earth you need a speed v=sqrt(2gR) where g=9.8 m/s^2. Neglect Friction and effects of...
  33. T

    Understanding GPE to KE Conversion on a Ramp | Simplified Physics Explanation

    Ok now my problem is this- Ignoring resistances (I'm factoring these in later), if a ball rolls down a ramp the initial GPE energy goes to KE. So the equation would be mgh=(1/2)mv*2 so mass cancels out leaving gh=(1/2)v*2 multiply by two gives 2gh=v*2. So I have plotted a graph of change...
  34. E

    Calculating Force on a Ramp Using GPE: Clive's Question

    Hi, I'm not quite getting this. Say we lift a block of weight 10N through a vertical height of 1 metre. So the work done is 10 x 1 = 10J. This 10J equals the g.p.e. Of the block. Now we pull the block up the same height of 1 metre but along a smooth, straight ramp (no friction between...
  35. L

    Percentage of total beginning GPE converted to thermal/kinetic energy

    [b]1. These are calculations for a roller coaster project where we had to find the height, GPE, velocity, KE, and total ME. Question 1: what percentage of the total beginning GPE was converted to final kinetic energy? Question 2: What percentage of the total beginning GPE was converted to...
  36. O

    When I do the math, GPE does not equal KE after an object drops.

    I teach 9th grade physical science, and we were doing an activity last week investigating whether GPE before an object falls = KE at the point the object hits the ground. This was a pretty crude activity involving dropping things out the window and timing with stop watches, so when the data...
  37. J

    Rock Climbing: Work Done by Gravity & Change in GPE

    Homework Statement A rock climber of mass 92.1 kg starts at the base of a cliff and climbs to the top (h = 33.8 m). He then walks along the plateau at the top for a distance of L = 289.9 m. (a) Find the work done by gravity. (b) What is the change in the gravitational potential energy...
  38. P

    Different ways to calculate force, GPE

    Different ways to calculate force, GPE... Homework Statement Different ways to calculate force,mass,Gravational Potienal Energy,seperation distance Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Not sure how to find new ways to calculare these other than the already known formulas...
  39. S

    Using GPE and KE to find speed

    Homework Statement After falling 5m a rock has a velocity of v. What is the total distance the rock must fall to get a speed of 2v? Homework Equations GPE=mgh Ke=1/2mv^2 The Attempt at a Solution Should I set both equations equal to each other? I'm not even sure how to begin this one.
  40. B

    How do momentum, impulse, and GPE factor into solving physics questions?

    Hey guys I am preparing for a physics contest and I am stuck with on a few questions. they are step by step questions. If someone can clearly explain how how to solve the following questions it would greatly help. Thank you.
  41. X

    So what has happened to the GPE (Gravitational Potential Energy)?

    Classically if you lift up a body, say a brick, you are doing work against the gravitational force, this work is then 'stored' as Gravitational Potential Energy and released when the body is dropped. Energy is conserved so GPE (and other forms of PE) + KE = Constant. In GR the problem is...
  42. S

    Work & GPE Homework Solution: m, R, h

    Homework Statement In Fig. 8-33, a small block of mass m = 0.040 kg can slide along the frictionless loop-the-loop, with loop radius R = 14 cm. The block is released from rest at point P, at height h = 9R above the bottom of the loop. How much work does the gravitational force do on the block...
  43. S

    Exploring the Negative GPE of Satellites

    Negative GPE? hmm...i came across this qn which ask whether a satellite which has twice the mass of the other will have a higher gravitational potnetial energy...so the formula for GPE will be -GMm/r right? i deduce that since the mass of satellite i greater it will posses greater GPE but i was...
  44. H

    Calculating Gravitational Potential Energy of a Ball Suspended from a Ceiling

    Can anyone help me with this problem? A 1.70 kg ball is attached to a ceiling by a 1.15 m long string. The height of the room is 3.00 m. What is the gravitational potential energy of the ball relative to the ceiling and floor? I'm having trouble finding the displacement. I know that its...
  45. J

    Calculating GPE and Power for a Cable Car Ride

    Hey just gettin a bit stuck on this question...i'll attempt to answer it, but it really doesn't look right to me. A cable car is used to carry people up a mountain. The mass of the car is 2000kg and it carries 80 people, of average mass 60kg. The vertical height traveled is 900m and the...
  46. M

    GPE and KE - Help with AS Physics Coursework

    GPE and KE...please help! argh Hi I am just finishing my AS physics coursework and just as i thought i understood it someone tells me something else. When you pick up an object i understand that it gains GPE and the amount of this depends on the height it is picked up to, hence GPE = mgh. But...