1. M

    Small number theory problem

    1. Homework Statement This is a problem I had as a margin note in an old notebook that I will recycle. I want write it using LaTeX. Problem is that I also want to write it using "proper" math notation instead of English words. Firstly, I got this: \textrm{Proof that }\nexists x, y \in...
  2. C

    Latex : Making a Histogram

    1. Homework Statement Hi, I need to create a histogram in Latex. I know how to do this, however, I only know how to do it if I have a limited number of points so I want it so that I can get a computer program to generate a list of numbers and save them to a file and then I can import this to...
  3. M

    LaTeX Concept and subject of latex and its usage and related questions on latex

    Hi, I have newly encountered with a subject called LaTeX. I try to learn it. I know it is a document preparation program. Can I install on my PC and start to use it like Matlab? For example where can I use this code? Thank you.
  4. P

    LaTeX Recommended LaTex Editors

    Hi! What is your recommended LaTex Editor? Thanks everyone! :)
  5. Dragonfall

    LaTeX LaTeX in PowerPoint

    I have PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. Is there an easy way to add equations, etc. into my slides?
  6. E

    LaTeX PDF Audio Presentation

    Hello all, I have created a PDF presentation using LateX. I want to add my commentary on the slides by recording my explanation using a mic and mark some parts of the slides while I am commenting, at least to be able to point where I want using the cursor. How can I do that? Thanks
  7. mesa

    LaTeX How do I make a Complex 'C' in Latex for sets?

    Hello all, I was wondering how to make that nice looking Complex 'C' when writing a set in Latex. For example, $$\{k\in C\mid k>0\}$$ looks okay but can be better.
  8. kq6up

    LaTeX Drawing Software?

    Is there a widely used free drawing program that is used in conjunction with LaTeX for math books and physics text? Thanks, Chris
  9. FilupSmith

    LaTeX Question about LaTeX

    Hi, I'm trying to learn LaTeX and one of the things I'm trying to figure out is what is the difference between \frac and \dfrac? I mean, look: \frac{a}{b} is: $$\frac{a}{b}$$ \dfrac{a}{b} is: $$\dfrac{a}{b}$$ Other then the thickened line, is there really any difference? Thank you...
  10. Mandelbroth

    LaTeX Graphs in LaTeX

    How would one construct a graph, like the Petersen graph, in LaTeX? Is there a good package to use for it? Edit: I should mention that I'm having trouble using instructions (which are not always consistent) that I'm finding on Google.
  11. joshmccraney

    LaTeX How to generate a .cls file in latex?

    hey pf! i was wondering if any of you knew how to generate a .cls file in latex? in other words, what typeset do i select. for example, some i have now are LaTex, Plain Tex, XeLaTex... i'm using TexShop thanks!! josh
  12. R

    LaTeX Quick LaTex question (sorry)

    Sorry if this is against the rules but found no good place to ask a quick LaTex question: I'm writing a thesis and in chapter 5 I have >10 figures. When I use \label{figureX} on figure 5.13 and then figure \ref{figureX} in a paragraph, it compiles as "figure 5.3" instead of "figure 5.13"...
  13. Rectifier

    LaTeX Images in LaTeX

    Hey! I cant get my images to appear in ##LaTeX## :( Could you please help me out? I have read that you can use \includegraphics but when I add it in my code nothing happens. \documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{article} \usepackage[swedish]{babel} \usepackage{graphicx} \begin{document}...
  14. Rectifier

    LaTeX LaTeX editor

    Hey there! What editor do you use to write ##LaTeX##?
  15. adjacent

    LaTeX Latex software

    Where do I find a software which will render latex like that of this forum? I have downloaded and installed Miketex. So now I need a software to render it.I have tried many,but they produced ugly letters.
  16. BiGyElLoWhAt

    LaTeX [LaTeX] Help with code

    What is the capital equivalence of \ell (##\ell##) Also where can I find a list of such commands?
  17. S

    Mathematica How to get smaller-size eps figures from Wolfram mathematica?

    Dear every Mathematino-s in high energy physics I knew several workers in computer and mathematics, but few of them know wolfram mathematica software, so I think it is justified to let my question appear here. I use wolfram-mathematica to make 3D figures and want to use them...
  18. joshmccraney

    LaTeX How to bold in latex

    hi pf! can someone help me bold in latex. for some reason if i use \textbf{pi} if get ##\textbf {pi}## but if i use \textbf {\pi} i do not get a bold ##\pi## but only an error. i have also tried \bfseries and no luck. please help! thanks!
  19. fluidistic

    LaTeX Latex help needed, about text between 2 images

    Latex "help" needed, about text between 2 images I'm having troubles to place a text between 2 images. The code looks like this: \begin{figure}[ht] \begin{minipage}[b]{0.45\linewidth} \centering \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{vvalue} \caption{value1} \label{test1} \end{minipage}...
  20. fluidistic

    LaTeX Latex help needed, about indentation

    Latex "help" needed, about indentation Hello guys, I am writing a document in latex. When I want to end a paragraph I use \\. However when I enter text after the "\\" as to start a new paragraph, there is no indentation. I do not know how to make such indentations automatic. I have found...
  21. Dragonfall

    LaTeX Drawing tools

    I need to draw some circuits and importing them into latex. Any recommendations for a good tool?
  22. fluidistic

    LaTeX Latex help needed

    Latex "help" needed Hello, I would like to label the following as an equation: \begin{eqnarray*} Enormous equation here \end{eqnarray*} I have tried the \label{name of equation} line, but it did not work. I want to do this because in my latex document I have labeled many equations...
  23. G

    LaTeX Finding a latex editor

    I am using ubuntu, and downloaded "Gummi" latex editor to make latex papers. However, even though it is nice and easy to use, I need it to show Greek characters as well. And I'm not talking about the latex symbols like \lambda , but I need to be able to write sentences in Greek but unfortunately...
  24. J

    LaTeX Inserting a picture into a latex document

    I am trying to insert a picture into a document im writing up but when I use pdftexify there seems to be a caption next to the image that I cannot remove. I am using winedt and am very new to Latex so bear that in mind. This is the operation I used: \includegraphics[scale=2]{riemann sphere.jpg}
  25. S

    LaTeX Latex Code not showing formula

    in this post Is there a problem with my code?
  26. Philosophaie

    LaTeX Arrays in the New Latex

    How do you write these in the new Latex: x^k = Array{r \\ \theta \\ \phi \\ t} g_{ij} = Array{1/(1-2*m/r) & 0 & 0 & 0 \\ 0 & r^2 & 0 & 0\\0 & 0 & r^2*(sin(h))^2 & 0\\0 & 0 & 0 & -(1-2*m/r)} \Gamma^i_{jk} = 1/2*g^{il} * (\frac{d g_{lj}}{d x^k} + \frac{d g_{lk}{d x^j} - \frac{d g_{jk}{d x^l})...
  27. Q

    LaTeX Latex/Lyx: not just retyping from paper, but live problem-solving?

    Has anyone tried to use software not just for typing math to produce good-looking documents after solving problems/doing research with paper&pencil, but for actually doing research/problem solving with lots of maths directly in electronic form? Has anyone managed to have the same productivity as...
  28. jk22

    LaTeX Latex mathbb with number does not show correctly

    I tried the following with amssymb \mathbb{1234567890} and it gave the following result : symbols but not the usual numbers ??
  29. joshmccraney

    LaTeX Brace in latex question

    hey pf! i have a question on latex, specifically on braces. i have: $$\left.\begin{aligned} A \\ B \end{aligned} \right\}$$ but i am wanting one number far to the right and centered at the point of the brace so i can reference these two equations as one number. also, the...
  30. A

    LaTeX LaTeX: selecting font with fontenc package

    Running XeTeX from TexLive 2011 on windows, I have been using \usepackage{fourier} To get the Adobe Utopia font. That works fine. For reasons irrelevant to the question, I want to use the fontenc package to select fonts. So I need to do something like \usepackage{fontenc}...