What is Lift coefficient: Definition and 12 Discussions

The lift coefficient (CL) is a dimensionless coefficient that relates the lift generated by a lifting body to the fluid density around the body, the fluid velocity and an associated reference area. A lifting body is a foil or a complete foil-bearing body such as a fixed-wing aircraft. CL is a function of the angle of the body to the flow, its Reynolds number and its Mach number. The section lift coefficient cl refers to the dynamic lift characteristics of a two-dimensional foil section, with the reference area replaced by the foil chord.

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  1. vinceguar24

    I don't understand how to calculate the drag coefficient

    I'm confused about how to solve for the Cl. I know that the equation for lift is L = Cl * r * .5 * V^2 * A, and you need the Cl to find lift. However the equation for lift coefficient that I found is (2L)/(1/2*p*u^2*S) and you need L which is lift to solve for Cl. So i don't understand how in...
  2. vchi

    Engineering Need to find L/D ratio for F117

    I was trying to look for an L/D ratio published everywhere on the web and I can't seem to find it for our project. Since I couldn't find it, I wanted to try calculating myself. Can't seem to find $$C_l$$ or $$C_d$$ though without some sort of paywall on research papers. So L/D would just be...
  3. K

    Lift coefficient of rocket at vertical flight

    Hi, I am looking into aerodynamic parameters for rockets (ogive nose, cylindrical body of different diameters, four fins at bottom) and have a question about the lift coefficient. If a rocket is launched vertically, with zero incidence angle and wind, would that result in a very small lift...
  4. K

    Equation of projectile with drag and lift

    I need an equation that solves for the height of a projectile at a specific x position. The known variables are spin of the ball, initial position, initial velocity, initial launch angle and the drag and lift coefficients.
  5. 5P@N

    Need help understanding a lift coefficient formula

    Please go to this Wikipedia article on Lift Coefficients, and behold the first formula. The last part of the equation has a "S" which is supposed to stand for "relevant plan area". Now, there was no explanation of what this "relevant plan area" is or means. I was guessing that it means the...
  6. C

    What is the Lift Coefficient of a Basketball?

    How can I find an equation to calculate the lift coefficient on a basketball at different launch velocities? I looked at different papers explaining the physics of basketball throws but all i could find was an equation for the drag coefficient: -mv +1/2 ρ A Cd v^2 = mv
  7. Paradox101

    Determining the coefficient of lift

    Been working on a new way of determining the lift coefficient besides the thin airfoil theory,and I don't know if there is already such a method or if I'm wrong.Plz Help.We know, L=CL×1/2ρv^2A Now,as lift is a force,then it should be as L=mμ, where μ is the "upwards acceleration". So...
  8. M

    Code for finding the lift coefficient of NACA

    I'm trying to code a method to find the lift coefficient of a NACA airfoil using panel method. (Coding mentioned below is MATLAB) There are two things I am stuck at: 1) Finding the coordinates of NACA Usually we use the given general formula for camber. However as we all know, if we...
  9. A

    Take-off Lift coefficient for the A380 or other very long range airliners?

    Does anyone know what the take off life coefficient for very-long range airliners might be in general or where i could find this kind of information? I'm doing some calculations on things like aspect ratio, landing lift coefficient etc for a report on aircraft design. My results are...
  10. X

    Pitching moment and lift coefficient

    Consider a proposed airplane design shape in a wind tunnel. The forces and moments are measured at the proposed center of gravity location. At zero angle of attack, pitching moment is zero and lift is 10N. At 5 degrees angle of attack, pitching moment is -5Nm and lift is 60N. The chord of the...
  11. M

    Zero Mach number lift coefficient

    I have some aerodynamics homework to finish up, and I am not really sure how to do one part. Question is: What is the corresponding zero Mach number lift coefficient I can't find an equation in my book or anything. Can someone maybe shed some light? My first two questions were to...