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  1. B

    KCL got declined in Norton circuit of an ideal amplifier circuit

    Hi. Let's say we have a circuit like that, and we want to find the Thevenin/Norton circuit from a and b points. So for Vth, we calculate the Voc, in which we remove the 2K ohm resistor and calculate the Voc. I calculated it correctly. But I have problem in calculating the Norton current. So in...
  2. J

    When a short-circuit exists, how to find the current?

    I am not an English speaker, I apologize that I cannot use English well. I have a question calculating the IN. When the terminal a-b is short-circuited, is it right that the currents are zero at 2 ohm and 6 ohm resistances?(Because they are parallel with a short-circuit.) Also, because the...
  3. Y

    Why do I get different answers with different methods - Thevenin

    Homework Statement Determine the Thevenin equivalent of the following circuit: (Top image) Homework Equations - The Attempt at a Solution The last 3 images in the Imgur album are all different approaches. I can't figure out what the right one is, and why the other...
  4. Z

    How to know when to use Voc/Isc or Vtest/Itest for Thevenin?

    should you only apply the test sources when there are only independant sources in the circuit. Also would it be valid to zero all dependant source so that you are only left with independant sources and then apply the test source. It seems like i am always applying open and short circuit...
  5. kostoglotov

    Diode Question: need to understand why my approach is wrong

    Homework Statement A screenshot of the problem: imgur link: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution My first attempt at the solution was this: imgur link: However, I have access to the worked solution, and it is...