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Opposing Viewpoints is a series of books on current issues which seeks to explore the varying opinions in a balanced pros/cons debate. The series attempts to encourage critical thinking and issue awareness by providing opposing views on contentious issues. The online versions are managed by Cengage Gale and the print versions are available through Rosen publishing.Each book features black and white illustrations and cartoons, bibliographies, glossaries, chronologies, indexes, activities, and discussion questions. They are published by Greenhaven Press and are heavily used in both school and public library collections.A review of the online database, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, reads, "The print series has long been a staple in secondary school and young adult collections for research and debate preparation on hot topics in social studies and science."Christine Nasso of Greenhaven Press told Booklist, "When we learned our customers wanted series content to be made available in a fully searchable database, we responded with the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center".In 2017, Gale offered a Chrome extension to help students identify its Opposing Viewpoints in Context results in Google searches.

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  1. G

    I Force between opposing magnets

    Following a conversation with @Tom.G , I’ve come up with the following question, to which we’d both like an answer: Imagine two drilled magnets threaded onto a frictionless upright shaft, set N-N. One fixed down, the other floating above. Now, if I move an iron gate in and out of the gap (the...
  2. A

    I Inductor questions (generate a voltage opposing the source voltage?)

    1) Why does there have to be an inductor to generate a voltage opposing the source voltage? Doesn't the circuit create back voltage without an inductor? 2) In ##U = \frac{1}{2}LI^2 + \frac{1}{2}\frac{Q^2}{C}## ##E = \frac{1}{2}mv^2 + \frac{1}{2}kx^2## where ##x(t) = Acos(wt + \phi)## following...
  3. M

    Bar magnet made from smaller opposing bar magnets

    I was wondering if the strength of a bar magnet constructed from smaller magnets would increase if the smaller magnets were placed in an arrangement where the poles were opposing each other. I was able to jam 2 rare Earth magnets together with opposing poles and measured a higher magnetic flux...
  4. F

    What is opposing resistance?

    I don't know about it. Please help. It wasn't letting me to post until I typed something here. So I am typing this.
  5. Heathbar

    Aerodynamics -- Warehouse fans blowing toward each other

    Hello, all. I work in a warehouse, and in an elevated work area. It's warmer up there because heat rises, but we have a few fans meant to help cool us. Unfortunately, one out of three fans is facing toward another, and I've been trying to explain to my coworkers that if one fan faces another...
  6. Athenian

    I Energy of Conduction and Valence Band in Opposing Directions

    Recently, I have been studying some solid-state physics and I came across this ##E-k## diagram online. Here's an image for reference to what I am referring to...
  7. S

    Sudden polarity reversal in opposing permanent magnets?

    Hi all, I'm working with a pair of multi-pole neodymium ring magnets (rated ~119lbF) and finding that if the opposing poles are forced together, with the magnets in alignment, that at very close range (may be a millimeter or two apart?) the two magnets will suddenly snap together as if one has...
  8. A

    Opposing force of the axle when a torque is applied to a wheel?

    Okay let's say we have a wheel attached to a fixed axle, free to spin, ignore friction and we apply a force on the edge of the wheel. That force creates a torque, does the axle have an opposing force to keep the wheel/axle assembly from accelerating linearly? Ive learned on this forum that when...
  9. I

    B Opposing speakers and standing waves

    If one speaker is placed facing another speaker with the inverted phase and we reproduce an equal frequency in both, what happened? Did the sound completely cancel out or would a standing wave be created as if it were in phase? Is this animation valid for sound waves...
  10. Logic hunter

    Calculating the pressure on a surface exerted by opposing forces?

    Suppose there is a circle with area 'A' and on one of the faces of the circle a force of 100N is applied and on the other face a 30N force is applied (since all 2D surfaces have 2 faces) such that these forces are opposite to each other, perpendicular to the faces, and forces are equally...
  11. johnwabeck

    Looking to achieve opposing mechanical forces.

    Hi Everyone. New to the forum I am attempting to design a piece of furniture that has opposing forces. A set of opposing stairs that either lower or raise a central platform. The idea is that two people would have to collaborate together to make sure the central platform doesn't sink. Think...
  12. bob012345

    Opposing Voltages in Circuits

    I have a 1V battery and a 1 Ohm resistor in a simple DC circuit which generates 1Amp current and dissipates 1 Watt. Now, I place a segment of the circuit with a straight wire inside a parallel plate capacitor with a constant 1V electric field that opposes the current. I assume the current goes...
  13. M

    Magnetic Field due to Opposing Coils

    Homework Statement Describe the magnetic field you would observe if two coils were connected with magnetic fields pointing in opposite directions. Homework Equations No equation The Attempt at a Solution If the magnetic field was pointing in opposite directions, would it mean that it would...
  14. S

    Forces opposing rotary motion other than Inertia

    Hello Gurus, What are the forces opposing rotary motion? And how to calculate them? For eg., if we have a shaft rotating about it's own axis, are there any other forces that oppose this motion other than bearing friction, like air resistance or some other forces. And how to calculate these...
  15. PhiowPhi

    Net magnetization with opposing magnetic fields?

    Given this diagram: Two wires, having parallel and opposing current flows( Where ## I_1 = I_2 ##), creating opposing and equal magnetic fields near a ferromagnetic object(##F##), since the magnetic field of each wire is not uniform, I'm not really certain how to figure out the magnetization of...
  16. normal_force

    Kinetic energy object vs opposing KE object?

    Homework Statement There is a Ball that weights .150 kg and is moving at 90m/s =607.5 Joules and it is moving to the right, so its coming from the left. on the opposing side is a 35kg cart moving at 4.5m/s = 354.37 Joules The Cart has superior momentum and mass... however, in this scenario some...
  17. PhiowPhi

    Types of opposing forces in a generator, and a motor

    I keep going back to this, but I get confused when imagining everything. I'll start off with a motor: Basic set-up fixed magnets of a uniform magnetic field and a conductive armature that has current flowing, the armature experiences a torque(due to the the Lorentz force), and the armature gains...
  18. D

    Opposing force of pushing air through a duct vs outside it?

    I'm an average joe here, trying to figure something out. Let's say I have a tube and a disk that travels from top to bottom pushing air kinda like a pump. Both tube ends are open so as air is pushed out of the bottom end, more air flows in through the top. Here is my question: Does pushing air...
  19. PhiowPhi

    Performance of DC converter between equal and opposing EMFs?

    A battery of constant voltage is in series to a conductor that is placed in a changing magnetic field over time, inducing an EMF with a polarity as indicated in the circuit as "Induced EMF(1)", both the battery and the induced EMF(1) are in series as the input voltage to the DC converter, the...
  20. D

    Question about opposing magnets

    My fundamental question is, do opposing magnetic fields eventually degrade each other over time? If they do, is there a way to mitigate or eliminate their ability to degrade one another? If I had one permanent magnet facing up and another permanent magnet facing down hovering over it (with the...
  21. toforfiltum

    Confused with circuit that has two opposing emf

    Homework Statement Calculate the total power generated by G Homework Equations P=VI The Attempt at a Solution I used the P=VI formula to calculate the total power generated by G which is 40W, and the answer turns out to be correct. But actually, I don't quite understand this topic of opposing...
  22. M

    Is there a resultant holding torque in the rotor?

    Hi, sorry for the title. I struggled to accurately describe my question in a short sentence. I'm trying to understand if there would be a holding torque or not in the following scenario. I'm referring to a motor which has a central stator and two permanent magnet rotor plates on either side...
  23. J

    Opposing forces on objects in motion

    Homework Statement A tennis ball is rolled across a carpet. Explain the forces exerted on the ball by the person rolling it and the forces that bring it to rest. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution The hand exerts an impulse on the tennis ball which causes a change in momentum and then...
  24. M

    Opposing forces and Newton's third law

    According to Newton's third law, every force has an equal and opposite reaction force. Which force is equal and opposite to both friction and tension?
  25. F

    Two Opposing Forces and Velocity

    In a crane like mechanism, a 0.25 Kg object is lifted with a pulling force of 100 Newtons. Neglecting friction, find the velocity of the object being lifted. ma = F 0.25kg*9.81m/s2 = 2.45N F1 = 100N F2 = 2.45N My problem here is getting the velocity. Please help!
  26. J

    Parallel plate conductors of opposing charge and unequal magnitude

    A question has occurred to me during preparation for a Physics exam. My textbook does a good job of discussing a capacitor charged equal but opposite. But I want to take it a step further. My question is how to calculate the E field between 2 plates of opposing charge that have unequal...
  27. E

    Might particle theory be someday be replaced by an opposing theory?

    Is it possible that the particle theory is wrong, and that only its assumption works? [This was really what I was asking in the preceding thread that I opened that the administrator took to be on philosophy or linguistics because some others took it that way. When I pointed out their error...
  28. T

    Phase cancellation with opposing and unequal audio frequencies.

    Greetings to ALL. tonequester here. I am re-doing my first, and LONG post. Concerning an electric guitar. Strings resonate at say, 800Hz. Wooden neck and body have their own resonant frequency, so I am told. No two guitars resonate at the same frequency, as no two, complex, combinations of...
  29. A

    Simulating opposing rotational forces at different points on structure

    Hi, I am trying to simulate a tangential force acting on a point on a structure and the corresponding opposing force caused by the moment of inertia of a mass at a different position. In this image the structure rotates around point c and there is a vector out of mass m opposing the...
  30. M

    Inductor opposing change in current.

    Hello, I'm wondering, if you have an inductor and resistor that has the switch open, so current is zero. Then you turn on the switch, the inductor is going to resist this change, it wants to be zero, right? Therefore, why doesn't the current indefinitely stay as zero, since the inductor would...
  31. T

    Opposing accelerations on stone drop/throw up problem

    Homework Statement A stone is dropped from the top of a 50m high tower at the same moment as a ball is thrown straight upward from the bottom of the tower, with an initial velocity of 20m/s. when and where do the ball and stone pass each other? Homework Equations I actually have the...
  32. T

    What happens when you have equal force on opposing sides of a 2:1 gear train?

    I have studied how gear trains work for a project I am working on, but can't find an analogous situation where the forces in the gear train oppose each other. Can someone help me? I have a 2:1 gear ratio on a dual rack and pinion gear train connected to opposing pistons, and there is equal...
  33. M

    Kinematics involving two balls travelling at opposing directions

    Homework Statement A blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 20.4 m/s, from a height of 0.5 meters above the ground. 2.5 seconds after the blue ball is thrown, a red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 9.8 m/s from a height of 23.9 meters above the ground. The force of...
  34. B

    Opposing rotation of the Earth's core

    I heard an interesting proposal - it sounds plausible but I'm here to see what you guys think. It is a way of explaining a diverse set of natural phenomena on Earth with one mechanism - rotation. The proposal is this: The core of the Earth rotates in the opposite direction to the Earth's...
  35. K

    Finding the Current in a circuit, with series opposing voltage sources.

    Homework Statement V1-12V V2-9V R1-4 Ohms R2-7 Ohms R3-8 Ohms Each current has to be found when the switch (k) is both open and closed. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I can find each current when the switch is open, however I'm confused at what would happen when it becomes closed.
  36. K

    Simulating a system of levers with opposing force?

    I'm trying to simulate the following situation: Two bars are attached to each other at one end by a device which controls the angle between them. The opposite end of each bar (the end not attached to the device) is subject to a resistive, motion-opposing (friction-like) force, each with an...
  37. N

    Opposing Moments on Levered Beam

    Homework Statement Calculate the force F1 to bend the beam AB to a radius of 7.5m. Assume the beam is a steel tube 200mm OD with wall thickness 20mm. The arm's AC and BD can be assumed rigid. The force F1 acts on pivots at C and D and is always in the x direction. Homework Equations...
  38. A

    Work of Friction Done Opposing Force at an Angle

    Homework Statement Ben does 600J of work pushing a 55kg cart 5m in the +x direction by applying a force at a downward angle of 30° to the direction of displacement. If the coefficient of kinetic friction μκ is equal to 0.1, find: The magnitude of the applied force. The work done by the...
  39. M

    Calculate the force applied and constant frictional force opposing its motion

    A 0.50kg skateboard is at rest on a rough, level floor on which two lines have been drawn 1.0m apart. A constant horizontal force is applied to the shateboard at the beginning of the interval, and is removed at the end. The skateboard takes 8.5s to travel the 1.0m distance, and it then coasts...
  40. C

    New velocity between two spacecraft moving in opposing directions

    Homework Statement A 60-tonne (1 t = 1000 kg) spacecraft moving in the + x-direction at 0.70 m/s docks with a 65-tonne craft moving in the -x-direction at 0.64 m/s Find the velocity of the joined spacecraft Homework Equations Conservationg of kinetic energy? KE_i=KE_f The...
  41. X

    Hanging accordian balanced by opposing moments

    "hanging accordian" balanced by opposing moments This is not a coursework problem, but it looks like one so I'm placing it here. If this is in error, do correct me. I'm a newbie :-) Assume an arrangement as below with a fixed surface, five ideal, weightless beams B_1 through B_5 joined by six...
  42. L

    Mass attached to two opposing strings

    Homework Statement http://faculty.mint.ua.edu/~pleclair/ph125/Misc/PH105_exam2_1Nov_soln.pdf Similar to question two on this site. Except I'm looking for the velocity as the ball crosses the origin. Homework Equations Listed in the question. The Attempt at a Solution I got the...
  43. C

    Opposing forces but opposite travel = no work?

    Hi, This is something I was wondering about. Can two objects with opposing forces travel in opposite directions without any work(minus friction)? I made a drawing in pdf format to demonstrate what I'm trying to say. My understanding of physics is pretty elementary so I apologize if this is a...
  44. S

    Opposing spring oscillation with mass

    Homework Statement A 36 kg mass is placed on a horizontal frictionless surface and then connected to walls by two springs with spring constants k1 = 3 N/m and k2 = 4 N/m. What is the frequency, f (in Hz), of oscillation for the 36 kg mass if it is displaced slightly to one side...
  45. E

    Opposing and Applied Forces

    I know this should be an easy question but I am just a tad confused. Here is the question: A 15 kg object experiences an applied force of 5.5 N[N] and an opposing frictional force of 2.5 N[S]. If the object starts from rest, how far will it have traveled after 4.0s? It would be wonderful...
  46. J

    How do opposing but equal forces affect an object and do they cancel out?

    First for the disclaimer I am not a student,I am just a layman so this is NOT a school homework question however I am at home and I am working on a thought problem. If two equal but opposing forces affect the same object, they cancel each other out, right? Do they cancel each other as...
  47. S

    Average force opposing a proton

    Homework Statement A proton with mass 1.67 X 10-27 kg that has a speed of 5.0 x10[6] m/s passes through a metal film of thickness .010 mm and emerges with a speed of 2.0 x 10[6]m/s. How large an average force opposed its motion through the film? Homework Equations I'm thinking Newtons...
  48. P

    Opposing Forces on an Ideal Spring

    can we exert 2 unequal forces in opposite directions on the two sides of an ideal<mass less> spring?
  49. K

    When can you assume that gravity is the only applied force opposing friction?

    When can you assume that gravity is the only "applied force" opposing friction? Homework Statement "Determine the stopping distance for a skier moving down a slope with friction with an initial speed of 24.7 m/s. The slope makes an angle of 5.02deg above the horizontal, and assume that...
  50. Jeebus

    Cop car and opposing directions

    This is not a homework problem, I just want to know if this is possible. The cop is traveling in the opposite direction of me. Let's say I'm going 60mph and am speeding. He turns around, catches up to me, and clocks me going 15mph over the speed limit. Is this even possible? I found this...