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  1. M

    Going into Physics from a non-Physics background

    Hi, I'm in a slightly odd situation as I am not directly enrolled in a Physics program but am highly interested in certain topics (e.g. Plasma Physics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Particle Physics, Theories). I am actually enrolled in a Biochemistry program but will hopefully be either...
  2. S

    Physics after bachelors in Computer/Information science

    Is it possible to do masters in Physics after studying computer science or information science at bachelors level? Do US universities accept students from Computer science or Information science for MS in physics? p.S.: I can prepare for physics GRE as I havea deep passion for physics
  3. G

    Schools Focusing on multiple branches of physics for graduate school

    Hi, I finished my M.S. in Astronautical Engineering in 2010, B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 2009 with a minor in physics, and am finding that the work I have been doing in the aerospace industry for the past 4 years is unfulfilling. I would like to focus on something more research...
  4. electricspit

    GRE Resources

    Hey! I'm planning on applying at some schools in the US next year/this year and I need ot take the GRE exam this fall. I've looked at some old exams and they look pretty straightforward, but I was wondering if anyone knew any resources for the physics exam (i.e. practice tests etc.). Thanks!
  5. A

    In ground state, are spins aligned or anti-aligned?

    In a past physics gre question (, we make use of the idea that the ground state energy of two ions that have spin is when the spins are aligned. However, the ground state of the helium atom is a spin singlet state, which is a linear combo...
  6. A

    Stern-gerlach vs zeeman effect = paradox?

    This may be a stupid question, but I am reviewing for the physics gre and can't help but see the zeeman effect and stern-gerlach experiments as contradictions. In the Zeeman effect, a neutral atom energy level will split into 3 levels (or 2 or more if take into account anomalous zeeman), but in...
  7. T

    Schools Physics Graduate School

    Hello all, I am entering my senior year. I have a over all gpa of 3.3. My subject gpa currently is 2.83 due to some bad classes my freshman year. I have 6 classes left towards my major so I have a chance to bring up my major gpa. But I study and work hard as it is, and can't get an A in my...
  8. H

    How do I prepare myself for MS in ME from US?

    Hi guys I'm 19 and just finished my 2nd sem exams so yeah first year is over. I would like to do MS in mechanical engg (or something similar) from US after graduating. Now I would like to prepare for that as soon as possible. Apart from CGPA after four years, what else is required ? I have...
  9. C

    How competitive is cosmology at the PhD level?

    I am a masters student at some Canadian school best known for astrophysics (and one of the premier schools in the world for white dwarves), dreaming to get into the likes of UPenn (a reach, but not a pipe dream-level reach à la Harvard and Princeton, which some over-ambitious recommender advised...
  10. F

    Advice on how to spend my gap year?

    I have just completed my undergraduate degree, and will be taking the GRE and applying to graduate school this fall. I'll be applying to terminal master's programs because of my lackluster GPA, a 3.3. This is in hopes of continuing my recent track of improved grades, and hopefully...
  11. C

    Schools Grad school and career questions from an aspring astrophysicist

    There's a good deal of interesting grad school info here (though mostly for non-astrophysics, of course), but it seems quite US centered. I'm a few years ahead of graduation now but figure it's best to plan ahead. My interest was piqued since the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in...
  12. I

    Programs Want to pursue a Physics Degree Please advise

    Hi guys, I am currently at a crossroads where I have to make an important decision and was hoping the kind members of the PF forums could help me. I have a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from an Ivy League school (GPA - 3.88). Lately, I have had the opportunity to rekindle my...
  13. G

    Schools Grad school

    I'm applying for grad school in the fall and I need some opinions about my chances, where I should good, etc. I am majoring in math, with a minor in physics. I went to a community college then a UC. At my community college, I had a 4.0 major GPA, 3.8 overall GPA. At the UC I'm at now, I have a...
  14. PoyntingVector

    Schools Will i Get accepted to a Graduate school?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on the website or a blog for that matter. I'm currently going to a division 3 school for my bachelor's in physics and mathematics but it has taken me a lot longer to finish my degree. Consequentially, I've done poorly in some classes because of a medical...
  15. interhacker

    Schools Courses and Additional Study required for Grad School Physics

    I've applied to the best ranked (according to QS) university in my country, the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Of course the university isn't really all that nice in international standards, but in impoverished third-world standards, its facilities and faculty are pretty...
  16. S

    Schools Grad Schools in Europe

    There are huge resources to rank and rate the different universities for physics in US but i am blind as to what universities i can apply outside US preferably Europe. with the profile i have i dont think i have any shot in top schools and can aim only for 2nd tier schools My profile as of...
  17. S

    Would this be a problem ?

    Engineering to Physics and GPA so heres the thing i am an industrial engineering student from india studying in one of the top 5 colleges down here (NIT only next to IIT's). I had an accident and was hospitalized during one of my semester and wasnt able to finish a particular subject credits...
  18. K

    Grade wise, what does it take to get a PhD in Math or Physics?

    I know grades aren't everything to get into a PhD program, but do know it plays a significant part in determining how well one will do in graduate school. With that being said, what does it take to get accepted into a top 20 math or physics PhD program? I've seen some applicant profiles...
  19. sinaphysics

    Which courses should I cover to become involved in string theory?

    Hello everybody. I have a BSc in physics, I tried hardly recent two years to get high scores in GRE/TOEFL exams to get accepted in U.S. and continue my education in physics,however, I rejected badly. First I thought by myself to leave physics, I gambled whole my future for physics and now I'm...
  20. S

    Schools Majoring in physics at a lower tier university/career options

    Hi, I am currently finishing my freshman year at San Jose State University. SJSU is not a very prestigious or selective university especially in the sciences. I was a bit of a slacker in high school, but I still managed to do fairly well ( >3.5 GPA, 2190 SAT I, lots of AP's). I ended up...
  21. djh101

    Has anyone gone from chemistry to physics?

    I will be graduating with my B.S. in physical chemistry after this quarter and would subsequently like to attend graduate school in physics. I'm not really looking for a "can I go to graduate school in physics with x degree" type answer, but more something along the lines of personal experience...
  22. J

    PhD in Accelerator Physics (EE or Physics?)

    Hi folks, I have a BSEE and am interested in pursuing a PhD focused on accelerator physics. I had originally planned for an EE PhD in RF/Microwave, but after reading ZapperZ's accelerator physics thread and doing a bit of reading, I find myself drawn in this direction. I've looked at some...
  23. M

    Bachelors in Physics: Now where are these jobs I was told about?

    When I switched to physics, it was mostly because I love science, and my major in journalism was going to numb my mind to an early grave, but also because frankly I needed to find a job that would make paying for an education a worthwhile investment. I am about to graduate from Shippensburg (one...
  24. D

    Please Advise: BS in Astrophysics, What Next?

    Well, I'm 23 years old and just finishing up my B.S. in Physics (w/ a concentration in Astrophysics), and I need some help evaluating my options. I delayed applying to graduate school last semester, electing for more 'finding stuff out' time. I have a lot to say, but I'd rather be brief than...
  25. Deadpeng

    Seeking information on GRE

    Hey, I am a physics year 3 undergraduate seeking to pursue a graduate education in the United States. I am from the Republic of Singapore, a commonwealth nation, with English as our official language. May I know if GRE is necessary for me to get into USA universities for graduate education?
  26. A

    Schools Getting into Physics Graduate Schools as a non-Physics Major

    Hello, all, I am quite interested in pursuing a PhD in physics (preferably theoretical), but I've run into the slight problem that my undergraduate major is not physics. From what I've gathered, I pretty much have my choice of a graduate program in mechanical engineering from my...
  27. Dishsoap

    How much does it matter where you went to undergrad?

    Hey all, I'm looking at my third year of university here, trying to narrow down what I want to do. As far as graduate schools, I'm pretty confident I can get into at least a low-tier school somewhere. I have a few publications and talks, and found out yesterday that I'm a Goldwater scholar as...
  28. teroenza

    Schools Engineering Graduate School Competitiveness

    Hello, I'm a recent physics graduate (BS) who is having second thoughts about spending the next 5-6 years of my life in a physics PhD. program. I thought I wanted to do applied physics, but to keep options open I would like to include some engineering schools in my mix (will be applying...
  29. retro10x

    Schools Does distribution of grades matter when applying to grad school?

    I'm looking primarily for answers from people who have been on admission committees or have otherwise reviewed applications from undergraduate students. When you look at a student's transcript, is the distribution of his/her grades a factor at all? For example, I performed only around average...
  30. Ravi Mohan

    Masters in theoretical physics/high energy physics

    Hi, I am an undergraduate senior with physics major. I am searching for masters programme in HEP/Theoretical physics (in Europe but not in U.K). So far I have found these programs 1. (LMU) 2. (ETH+EP)...