What is Quintessence: Definition and 13 Discussions

Quintessence Films is a limited film production company specializing in music videos and commercials. Founded by Michele Civetta and Manu Gargi in 2006, it now has expanded to include directors Larry Clark, James Franco, and Tommy O'Haver.
The company has produced Friendly Fire, the DVD musical film companion to the 2006 Sean Lennon album of the same title, a commercial for the French water company Badoit, and a music video for Grand National.
In 2009 Quintessence Films commissioned and produced a series of short films based on dreams in affiliation with 42 Below and the Beijing Film Studios. Filmmakers who created films are Asia Argento, Michele Civetta, James Franco, Lola Schnabel, Jonathan Caouette, Yung Chang and Sean Lennon.
In 2009, the company will produce a feature adaptation of Coin Locker Babies, directed by Civetta, as a co-production between French Studio Wild Bunch and Don Murphy's Angry Films.

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  1. F

    A Quintessence field equation of state

    Why the equation of state parameter w for a quintessence field with potential m²Phi² is not in between 0 and 1/3 depending on the energy of its particles relative to the mass of the field instead of the w resulting from formula 9 of https://arxiv.org/pdf/1504.04037.pdf which seems to be...
  2. arnazkh

    Python plots for Cosmology

    Hello! I've been working on a code that solves the Friedmann equation with quintessence using a scalar field potential of the form x^(-alpha) where alpha is a free parameter. I would like to plot different values of alpha in the same plot with annotations for each. For now, my code has initial...
  3. D

    A Exact solutions of quintessence models of dark energy

    Hi everyone, I got the basic ideas quintessence (minimally coupled) and derived the KG equation for scalar field: $$ \ddot{\phi} + 3 H \dot{\phi} + \frac{\partial V(\phi)}{\partial \phi} = 0 $$ where $$H=\frac{\dot{a}}{a}$$ and $\phi$ is the scalar field. There are various models depending...
  4. H

    I Deriving Equation of Motion for Quintessence Scalar Field?

    Hello, I am having trouble deriving the equation of motion for the quintessence field. The equation of motion which I am meant to get at the end point is: (with ' denoting derivative w.r.t time) φ'' + 3Hφ' + dV/dφ = 0 Using the inflaton lagrangian: (although with a generic potential V(φ)...
  5. R

    Alternative hypotheses regarding dark energy?

    Currently, the favoured explanations for the accelerating expansion of the universe are the cosmological constant, and various scalar fields, most notably quintessence. All of these are mechanisms dependent on mathematical field properties. My question is: do any alternative hypotheses exist...
  6. T

    Klein Gordon Equation in Quintessence Models

    Hello! I'm studying various dark energy models, and as a part of the project, I need to be able to numerically solve the Klein-Gordon (KG) equation and the Friedmann Equation (FE) in the context of a canonical scalar field. I wasn't sure whether or not this belonged here or in the computational...
  7. bcrowell

    Conservation of stress-energy with quintessence

    My understanding (haven't worked the equations myself) is that if you try to make the cosmological constant not constant, it gives a nonvanishing divergence for the stress-energy tensor. This would be inconsistent with the Einstein field equations, which require vanishing divergence. So how...
  8. S

    Mass parameter for quintessence

    Dear all, As u know, one of the best potentials for quintessence is V=[M]^[4+\alpha] [\phi]^[-\alpha] They usually call M, THE MASS PARAMETER. Who knows what is the value of M for now?
  9. S

    Freezing potential of Quintessence

    Dear all, I am reading some texts about quintessence. As you one of the best textbooks for cosmology is Weinberg's. in page 90 of his book he states that if we consider astronomical units we can see that a good quintessence potential is V(\phi)= (M^(4+alpha)) * phi ^(-alpha) and M has...
  10. N

    Controversy with Quintessence.

    Tonight makes me wish I had discovered this forum earlier! My situation: my capstone course is basically writing a paper about something on the forefront of the scientific frontier. This is neither a report style of paper nor original work, but instead a sort of discussion on the controversy...
  11. A

    How does the equation-of-state depend on the Quintessence potential?

    Quintessence fields are supposed to slowly roll down a potential V(\phi). Adding constants to the potential obviously does not change the equation of motion for this field, but it does change the pressure, energy density and equation-of-state. In particular, if I choose a sufficiently large...
  12. P

    Cosmological Constant or Quintessence

    Hi! I have more questions. 1st. Is there any diference between Cosmological Constant and quintessence? 2nd. If there is, which is? I've only understood that cosmological constant is the energy of the vacuum but I don't know what quitessence is, so please, could somebody tell me if...
  13. Chronos

    Pioneer anomaly and quintessence

    Is the pioneer anomaly due to quintessence? I thought this was interesting http://www.arxiv.org/PS_cache/gr-qc/pdf/0407/0407023.pdf