What is Rolling without slipping: Definition and 83 Discussions

Rolling resistance, sometimes called rolling friction or rolling drag, is the force resisting the motion when a body (such as a ball, tire, or wheel) rolls on a surface. It is mainly caused by non-elastic effects; that is, not all the energy needed for deformation (or movement) of the wheel, roadbed, etc., is recovered when the pressure is removed. Two forms of this are hysteresis losses (see below), and permanent (plastic) deformation of the object or the surface (e.g. soil). Note that the slippage between the wheel and the surface also results in energy dissipation. Although some researchers have included this term in rolling resistance, some suggest that this dissipation term should be treated separately from rolling resistance because it is due to the applied torque to the wheel and the resultant slip between the wheel and ground, which is called slip loss or slip resistance. In addition, only the so-called slip resistance involves friction, therefore the name "rolling friction" is to an extent a misnomer.
In analogy with sliding friction, rolling resistance is often expressed as a coefficient times the normal force. This coefficient of rolling resistance is generally much smaller than the coefficient of sliding friction.Any coasting wheeled vehicle will gradually slow down due to rolling resistance including that of the bearings, but a train car with steel wheels running on steel rails will roll farther than a bus of the same mass with rubber tires running on tarmac. Factors that contribute to rolling resistance are the (amount of) deformation of the wheels, the deformation of the roadbed surface, and movement below the surface. Additional contributing factors include wheel diameter, load on wheel, surface adhesion, sliding, and relative micro-sliding between the surfaces of contact. The losses due to hysteresis also depend strongly on the material properties of the wheel or tire and the surface. For example, a rubber tire will have higher rolling resistance on a paved road than a steel railroad wheel on a steel rail. Also, sand on the ground will give more rolling resistance than concrete. Sole rolling resistance factor is not dependent on speed.

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  1. A

    B Static friction needed for rolling without slipping

    If we had a wheel rolling without slipping down the inclined plane, kinematically its velocity would be 0 at the contact point to the ground since the rotational and translational components of velocity would cancel out. Speaking of forces, forces acting on body would be static friction and...
  2. uSee2

    Kinetic Energy of a Cylinder Rolling Without Slipping

    Given that there is a cylinder rolling without slipping down an incline, the method I was taught to represent the KE of the cylinder was: ##KE_{total} = KE_{translational} + KE_{rotational}## ##KE_{total} = \frac {1} {2} mv_{cm}^2 + \frac1 2 I \omega^2## Where "cm" is the center of mass, and...
  3. pixel

    I Friction in rolling without slipping

    Consider an object, say a ball, rolling at a constant speed without slipping to the right on a horizontal surface. Let's consider the ideal case, so no deformation of ball or surface. For rolling without slipping to occur, there has to be friction (static friction as the point on the ball that...
  4. A

    B Rolling without slipping in non-sloping surface

    Suppose we leave an object on a non-sloping surface that rolls and moves forward without slipping. Does this object continue to move indefinitely?
  5. L

    A sphere rolling without slipping down a hemisphere

    a) From impulse-momentum theorem I have: ##J=mv## so ##v=\frac{J}{m}## and since the ball doesn't slip ##v=\Omega b## so ##\Omega=\frac{J}{mb}## and ##\dot{\theta}=\frac{v}{a+b}=\frac{\Omega b}{a+b}##. b) I considered the angular impulse: ##-J(a+b)=I_0 \Omega_0 \Rightarrow...
  6. Huzaifa

    Rolling without slipping down an inclined plane

    The acceleration and velocity of a body rolling down without slipping on a frictionless inclined plane are given by $$ a=\dfrac{mg\sin \theta }{m+\dfrac{I}{r^{2}}}=\dfrac{g\sin \theta }{1+\dfrac{K^{2}}{r^{2}}} \cdots(1) $$ $$...
  7. Pipsqueakalchemist

    Engineering Rigid wheel rolling without slipping -- Trying to find angular acceleration

    So I tried the problem and it’s different from the solution. I’m confused on why my attempt didn’t work, is it because the wheel is undergoing general planar motion? I tried to just apply Newton’s 2nd law to find the acceleration of the centre and then use that to find angular acceleration. The...
  8. LCSphysicist

    Cylinder rolling without slipping on a truck

    I don't know how to start it Is the truck who make the cylinder roll, initially? If yes, how? Since the truck force would pass by the center of the cylinder.
  9. L

    Rolling without Slipping - axes of rotation and centripital acceleration

    Therefore, if someone were to ask what the magnitude of centripetal acceleration is at the top of the wheel at a given instant (relative to the ground): ##v_{cm} = v_{translational, center-of-mass/wheel}## ##ω = ω_{point-of-contact}## ##v_{top} = 2(v_{cm}) = 2(rω)## ##a_{c(top)} =...
  10. D

    Rolling without slipping down an inclined plane

    Hi If a rigid disc rolls down an incline plane without slipping then the component of weight down the plane causes the disc to accelerate downwards but the frictional force causes a torque which causes the disc to rotate, At the point of rolling without slipping the velocity of the centre of...
  11. jisbon

    Rotating cylinder rolling without slipping in a B field

    Firstly, I need to determine what the electric field is causing. Using left hand rule, the force due to the field is acting down the slope. Hence my FBD looks like: Where the two arrows pointing towards the right represent the force due to the field and weight of the cylinder. Since ...
  12. A

    Rolling Without Slipping: What Am I Missing?

    Ok so please bear with me here and what is almost certainly a really stupid question, partly because I don't quite know how to ask it. When you have a wheel such as one attached to a car, a torque is applied to it from the engine. It's my understanding that the wheel would slide over the road...
  13. C

    How Fast Can a Ring with Uneven Mass Distribution Roll Without Hopping?

    Problem Statement: Let there be a ring of mass m and radius r. Let 3 masses be attached to the ring and named as O,P and Q. Mass of O and Q is 2m and mass of p is M. The angle between 2 masses is 15 degrees as shown in the figure. Find the maximum velocity the ring must roll so that it doesn't...
  14. N

    Find the angle for which both disks are no longer in contact

    Homework Statement A mobile disk of radius R and mass M is moving above another immobile vertical disk of the same radius. Initially the mobile disk is at rest at the highest point above the immobile disk and then it starts rolling without slipping. Assuming the mobile disk never slips, find...
  15. V

    Find the velocity when the ball rolls without slipping

    Homework Statement A thin spherical shell is sliding with velocity ##v_0## on a table initial until friction eventually causes it to roll without slipping. Find its translational velocity when the it rolls without slipping as a fraction of ##v_0##. Homework Equations $$I=\frac{2}{3}MR^2$$...
  16. G

    Pure rolling of sphere having non uniform mass density ?

    in case of rolling without slipping of a solid sphere having uniform mass density the condition is Vcm (velocity of center of mass ) = Rω or [a][/cm] = Rα ,which comes from the fact that if an object that rolls without slipping the geometric center of the body travels 1 circumference along...
  17. Jamie_Pi

    Starting height of marble rolling around a loop the loop

    Homework Statement The marble rolls down a track and around a loop-the-loop of radius R. The marble has mass m and radius r. What minimum height h must the track have for the marble to make it around the loop-the-loop without falling off? (Use any variable or symbol stated above along with the...
  18. astrocytosis

    Ball rolls without slipping in an accelerating car

    Homework Statement A bowling ball sits on the smooth floor of a subway car. If the car has a horizontal acceleration a, what is the acceleration of the ball? Assume that the ball rolls without slipping. Homework Equations torque = R x F = Iα aball= Rα Isphere = (2/5) MR2 The Attempt at a...
  19. Starkrod

    Sphere sliding up a step - Inelastic Collision

    Homework Statement A sphere of radius R is rolling without slipping with a velocity v and collides inelastically with a step of height h < R. ¿What is the minimum velocity for which the sphere will be over the step? Homework Equations Total kinetic energy (maybe)...
  20. V

    How Can I Calculate the Angular Speed of a Ring Rolling Without Slipping?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution These are my two observations for this problem . 1) Center of mass of the ring moves in a circle of radius (R-r) about point O . O is the center of the smaller circle in figure 2 . 2) From the geometry , the angular speed...
  21. H

    Rolling without slipping, theory

    Homework Statement I am solving a question that asks for, what's the minimum coefficient of friction required for a cylinder to roll without slipping? Where the cylinder has a force F acting on its center. Homework Equations And The Attempt at a Solution From the way I understand it, the...
  22. lightofthemoon

    Slipping transitioning to rolling without slipping

    Homework Statement A solid spherical ball of mass 0.75 kg and radius 5.0 cm is thrown onto a horizontal surface with coefficient of kinetic friction μ . It’s initial velocity at time t = 0 is horizontal and its initial angular velocity is zero. After rolling with slipping for a time t1 = 0.76...
  23. anon11

    Ball Rolling Without Slipping On A Turntable

    Can someone please help me out with this tough problem? 1. Homework Statement A ball rolls on a turntable without slipping describe the balls motion in terms of (x,y) for a function of time. (The turntable spins at a constant rate) (This all the information that the professor gave us.)The...
  24. wrobel

    Rolling without slipping and friction

    I am sorry for drawing up very old and closed posting https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/rolling-friction.150891/ but I saw this question many times and I can not understand why do not people simply use well-known theorem which says that power of the forces which are applied to a rigid body...
  25. G

    Came up with a problem that I can't solve

    Imagine a hoop with mass M and radius R that will only roll without slipping on the floor. Place a point object with mass m on top of the hoop and then the system starts from at rest. Question: where does m leave M? If one fixes the hoop or let the hoop slide, solutions can be found using high...
  26. B

    Two reels rolling without slipping

    Homework Statement [/B] I have two cylindric reels laying on the ground. They are identical: mass M, composed by a cylinder of radius R and two side cylinders of radius 2R. I have to find angular acceleration and work done by F in delta t. 2. The attempt at a solution On the first cylinder...
  27. S

    Rolling without slipping taking the contact point as pivot

    I'm confused about this rolling without (or better with) slipping situation. Suppose to have a disk with initial velocity ##v## and angular velocity ##\omega##. The motion is to the right but the angular velocity is counterclockwise. There are no forces acting on the disk besides the kinetic...
  28. hackhard

    Can a cone roll in a straight line without slipping?

    <<Mentor note: Thread split from https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/torque-opposite-in-direction-to-change-in-angular-momentum.866882/>> it can be proved that in this case pure rolling without slipping is impossible ive assumed the cone to be right circular proof by contradiction...
  29. S

    Rotational work and forces like static friction and tension

    I have a doubt regarding the definition of rotational work, which is as follows W = \int \tau_z d \theta Where \tau_z is the component of the torque parallel to the axis of rotation z. My doubt concerns the fact that, looking at this definition, it seems that any torque which has an axial...
  30. Joa Boaz

    Rolling without slipping & linear acceleration vector

    Homework Statement Rolling without slipping A) Derive the linear acceleration vector equations for points A, B, C, and O in terms of R, ω, α and θ at this instant. B) R = 0.5 m, ω=-54 r/s and α = 0. Determine the MPH of the vehicle and the vector accelerations of points A, B, C, and O. C) R...

    Rolling without slipping magnitude

    Homework Statement [/B] A thin light string is wrapped around a solid uniform disk of mass M and radius r, mounted as shown. The loose end of the string is attached to the axle of a solid uniform disc of mass m and the same radius r which can roll without slipping down an inclined plane that...
  32. (Ron)^2=-1

    Rolling without slipping over a plank

    Homework Statement This is just a general case I'm having trouble trying to imagine: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-mTyOwzfLy0E/VluaNlxEddI/AAAAAAAAAEk/2Creguw3xzY/w530-h174-p-rw/Screenshot%2Bfrom%2B2015-11-29%2B21%253A34%253A50.png Suppose there is a cylinder, kind of like a yo-yo, that...
  33. 0

    Acceleration of Rest Point for Rolling without Slipping

    Let's ignore gravity in this problem for simplicity. For a wheel rolling without slipping on some surface, the rest point is the point at a given instant of time that is in contact with the surface (the rest point has zero instantaneous velocity). If the wheel is rolling at constant velocity...
  34. W

    Rolling without slipping, shouldn't there be friction?

    A clown balances a small, spherical grape at the top of his bald head, which also has the shape of a sphere. After drawing sufficient applause, the grape starts from rest and rolls down without slipping. It will leave contact with the clown's head when the radial line joining it to the curvature...
  35. Conservation

    Understanding Rolling Without Slipping

    For conditions where an object is rolling without slipping on a rough, flat surface, the object posses a net torque about the center of mass provided by friction at the contact point. Hence, why doesn't the object accelerate radially indefinitely? For ex, if we had a slippery bowling ball...
  36. visuality

    Torque or Force (ball rolling without slipping)?

    If there is a uniform ball rolling without slipping on an inclined plane, does gravity provide a torque, translational force, or both? I'm just really confused about forces vs. torques i guess?
  37. K

    A marble that is rolling without slipping approaches a hill

    Homework Statement A marble that is rolling without slipping approaches a hill at 8.5 m/s. How high vertically will the marble go under these circumstances: If the hill is rough enough to prevent any slipping? If the hill is perfectly smooth? Why does the marble rise to different heights when...
  38. ZachChaos

    Rolling Without Slipping Down a Slope

    Homework Statement A hollow, spherical shell with mass 1.85kg rolls without slipping down a slope angled at 32.0∘. Find the acceleration, friction force, and coefficient of friction. Homework Equations atan= rα τ=rFsinΘ I=matan The Attempt at a Solution I'm not quite sure where to begin. I...
  39. H

    Rolling without slipping and coefficient of friction

    Homework Statement A hollow spherical shell with mass 2.50kg rolls without slipping down a slope that makes an angle of 33.0 with the horizontal. Find the minimum coefficient of friction μ needed to prevent the spherical shell from slipping as it rolls down the slope. Homework EquationsThe...
  40. F

    When do vcm=rw and a=gsintheta/(1+I/(MR)^2) apply?

    Homework Statement Do the equations below only apply for rolling without slipping? Homework Equations vcm=rw, a=(gsintheta)/(1+I/(MR)^2) cm=center of mass 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I know that they both apply for rolling without slipping, but do they apply when there is slipping...
  41. L

    Static friction for a ball rolling without slipping

    Homework Statement A bowling ball rolls without slipping up a ramp that slopes upward at an angle β to the horizontal. Treat the ball as a uniform solid sphere, ignoring the finger holes. Explain why the friction force must be directed uphill. Homework Equations F=ma, torque=I(alpha)...
  42. P

    Small cylinder inside a larger one, rolling without slipping

    Hi, Please note: this is not a homework assignment. It is taken from an exam and I'd appreciae some clarifications. In the setup delineated in the attachment, a small cylinder of mass M and radius R rolls without slipping inside a larger cylinder of radius 10R. It is stated that the larger...
  43. T

    Rolling without slipping and a string

    Hello PF! Homework Statement A string is wrapped around the small cylinder as shown. You pull with a force F (and the cylinder does not slide). Calculate the acceleration of the cylinder CM (including direction). Here r = 3 cm, R = 5 cm, F = 0.1 N, and m = 1kg. [Make sure to define one...
  44. B

    Rolling without slipping force diagram

    This is the second part of a 2 part problem. The first part is: A solid disc is rolling down a 30 degree incline from rest. a. draw the force diagram for the disk. b. write the equations for both translation and rotational motion c. Find the linear acceleration of the center of mass. d...
  45. P

    What Determines the Direction of Static Friction in Rolling Without Slipping?

    Hi, The below questions are NOT HW questions, but I have a big exam coming and I would wholeheartedly appreciate some/any assistance with the following two issues, namely: (1) Direction of static friction in case of rolloing without slipping (2) Direction of α and VCM in case of rolling without...
  46. andyrk

    Rolling without slipping and acceleration

    Why don't we consider radial acceleration on the lowermost point in rolling without slipping?
  47. M

    Rolling without slipping and velocity

    I've been having trouble with this topic for a while now. I've re-read the section dozens of times now, but I'm still not exactly clear and I was hoping for clarification on a couple of things. In a system of particles, I can see intuitively how the velocity of a particular particle will be the...
  48. PhizKid

    Yo-yo rolling without slipping

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Angular momentum/fixed axis rotation The Attempt at a Solution Hi guys. I'm having a bit of trouble visualizing what will happen so if you could first indulge me with the mechanics. Imagine there was no friction to begin with; since the force...
  49. A

    Rolling without slipping: Why point of contact has zero velocity

    In rolling without slipping, why does the point of contact have zero velocity relative to the ground? If so, how can the point of contact move relatively to the ground? (It has to move relative to the ground, otherwise it cannot roll and must stay in its original position)
  50. I

    Quick question about rolling without slipping

    If a ball is rolling without slipping up an incline, would the static frictional force also be up the incline?