What is Solving equations: Definition and 75 Discussions

In mathematics, to solve an equation is to find its solutions, which are the values (numbers, functions, sets, etc.) that fulfill the condition stated by the equation, consisting generally of two expressions related by an equals sign. When seeking a solution, one or more variables are designated as unknowns. A solution is an assignment of values to the unknown variables that makes the equality in the equation true. In other words, a solution is a value or a collection of values (one for each unknown) such that, when substituted for the unknowns, the equation becomes an equality.
A solution of an equation is often called a root of the equation, particularly but not only for polynomial equations. The set of all solutions of an equation is its solution set.
An equation may be solved either numerically or symbolically. Solving an equation numerically means that only numbers are admitted as solutions. Solving an equation symbolically means that expressions can be used for representing the solutions.
For example, the equation x + y = 2x – 1 is solved for the unknown x by the expression x = y + 1, because substituting y + 1 for x in the equation results in (y + 1) + y = 2(y + 1) – 1, a true statement. It is also possible to take the variable y to be the unknown, and then the equation is solved by y = x – 1. Or x and y can both be treated as unknowns, and then there are many solutions to the equation; a symbolic solution is (x, y) = (a + 1, a), where the variable a may take any value. Instantiating a symbolic solution with specific numbers always gives a numerical solution; for example, a = 0 gives (x, y) = (1, 0) (that is, x = 1, y = 0), and a = 1 gives (x, y) = (2, 1).
The distinction between known variables and unknown variables is generally made in the statement of the problem, by phrases such as "an equation in x and y", or "solve for x and y", which indicate the unknowns, here x and y.
However, it is common to reserve x, y, z, ... to denote the unknowns, and to use a, b, c, ... to denote the known variables, which are often called parameters. This is typically the case when considering polynomial equations, such as quadratic equations. However, for some problems, all variables may assume either role.
Depending on the context, solving an equation may consist to find either any solution (finding a single solution is enough), all solutions, or a solution that satisfies further properties, such as belonging to a given interval. When the task is to find the solution that is the best under some criterion, this is an optimization problem. Solving an optimization problem is generally not referred to as "equation solving", as, generally, solving methods start from a particular solution for finding a better solution, and repeating the process until finding eventually the best solution.

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  1. Yordana

    MHB Solving Equations with x and y: A Guide

    Determine the real numbers x and y from the equations: I would appreciate it if someone could show me the solution to the first sub point.. 😢
  2. hagopbul

    Exploring YouTube for Exercise Solving Playlists in Math and Physics?

    Hello : i was looking into youtube the other day and watching some lectures , but start to wonder if there is a playlist for exercise solving on youtube for example for undergraduate math and physics ? do anyone knows of such channels or playlists ? Best Regards Hagop
  3. brotherbobby

    Solving equations of the form ##a\sin\theta+b\cos\theta = c##

    Problem statement : Given the equation ##\sin\theta+2\cos\theta=1##, find the general solution for the angle ##\theta##. Attempt : For the general case where we have ##a\sin\theta+b\cos\theta=c##, the line of approach is to take ##a=r\cos\alpha## and ##b=r\sin\alpha## wherein we will have...
  4. J

    Foundations Are there handbooks compiling math techniques to solve problems?

    Let me explain what I mean. When you try to solve an algebraic equation, or even sometimes a differential equation it is useful to change variables so the new form of the equation is easier to solve, or takes the form of an equation that has already been solved. Another technique is making...
  5. RichardWattUK

    I Translating points on the axes

    Summary: I need to translate points on coordinate axes as part of a calculation process Hello everyone, I've created the diagram below to try and explain what I am trying to do as part of an existing software app that's used to generate profiles and programs to drive a CNC machine to grind...
  6. P

    Solving Equations for t': Negative Time Confusion

    Equations: Question: Using the equation for t' I got the answer -0.00000499756s (Wrong anyway) As we know the values: v = 0.67c m/s x = 3900 m t = 0.000005 s Also how can time be negative? Does this mean that event 2 happened before the first event when t = 0?
  7. koiuuuuuuuuuuu

    B Basic Algebra Question: 3x = 15

    Can you help me with this question. 3x=15 Do you have to divide both sides by 3 which, is x=5 Am I right. If not explain please, Thank-you
  8. J

    Implications of zero in the denominator when solving equations

    My book states the following : ##{\frac{(y_1)-(y_2)}{(x_1)-(x_2)}}*\frac{(3+1)}{(0-0)} = -1## ...(1) ##\implies y_1 - y_2 = 0## (A) Is this a valid deduction? Context : The Problem :If ##A(0,-1)## and ##B(0,3)## are two opposite vertices of a square, then find the other two vertices...
  9. F

    Solving for y: e^(y) = y^(2) - 2

    Homework Statement Hi I am having trouble solving for y for the following equation: e^(y) = y^(2) - 2 Homework Equations ln(x)^(y) = y*ln(x) ln(e^(y)) = y ln(2) = 1 The Attempt at a Solution My attempt: e^(y) = y^(2) -2 ln(e^(y)) = ln(y^(2)) - ln(2) y = 2*ln(y) - 1 y - 2*ln(y) + 1 = 0...
  10. L

    MHB Solving Equations Using Bisection, Newton, and Secant Methods

    Task Use the Bisection, Newton, and Secant methods to solve (to at least 8 signicant figures) the equation sin(x) = 0.98 cos(2x2) over the interval [0, 2.5], in radiant units. For the Newton method, try with several different initial guesses including x0 = 1. With the Secant method, use the same...
  11. Z

    Solving equations for Eigenvector: Vanishing

    Homework Statement I am trying to solve a Eigen vector matrix: ##\begin{bmatrix}9.2196& 6.488\\4.233& 2.9787\end{bmatrix}\cdot\begin{bmatrix}x\\y\end{bmatrix}-\lambda\begin{bmatrix}x\\y \end{bmatrix}=0## I have found ##\lambda_1 = 0## and ##\lambda_2 = 12.1983## However, I can't solve the...
  12. patric44

    Trying to solve conservation of momentum problem

    Homework Statement its a nuclear physics problem : a deuterium atom with energy 4Mev collides with a boron atom B5/10 in an elastic collision producing an H1/1 and B5/11 ,the Q of the reaction = 9.23 Mev . find the E,E' , the energy of the boron and the hydrogen the unknowns : E,E', theta of...
  13. Mr Davis 97

    B Logical process of solving equations

    I read that in solving an equation, the reault is only a possibility for a solution, and not necessarily a solution. For example, in solving x+3 = 5, x=2 is not a solution until you explicitly plug it back into show that it actually. Why is the statement x=2 not enough to show that 2 is actually...

    I Solving Equations of the Parabola

    How can I solve the equation of a parabola when the focus and Latusrectum are given?
  15. Mr Davis 97

    B Solving equations with radicals (extraneous solutions)

    I am solving the equation ##\sqrt{x + 3} + 4 = \sqrt{8x + 1}##. I understand that , generally, to solve it, we have to eliminate the radicals by isolating a radical expression to one side and then squaring both sides of the equation. I end up obtaining two solutions: ##x = 6## and ##x =...
  16. Z

    I Solving equations with singular matrix

    Hi! I have a problem: I need to solve an equation, Ax=y, where A is a known matrix, y is a known column vector and x is an unknown column vector. Unfortunately, A is singular so I cannot do the simple solution of inverse(A)*y=x. Does anybody know of any way that I can obtain the coefficients...
  17. C

    How is V1 deduced to be zero in the last step here?

    Homework Statement A billiard ball moving at 2 m/s collides (0 degrees) with another of the same weight and at rest, in a perfectly elastic collision. Demonstrate with equations why the balls trade velocities. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution In the provided explanation, I can...
  18. olgerm

    Is there a program to solve any equations?

    Is there any program that could find approximate solutions to any equations system? For example to N-body problem (equations)? Could it also find a function from differential equations like N-body problem ones? If so ,then why are N-body simulators needed?
  19. Albert1

    MHB Find $a,b,k$: Solving Equations

    given : $a-b=k---(1)$ $a^2-b^2=70---(2)$ where $k\in N$ , and $0<b<1$ please find the values of $a,b ,k$
  20. D

    MHB Solving Equations with High-Power Terms

    What steps can be taken to solve an equation with a relatively higher power on one side such as: 6977x/1200 = (1 + x/12)60 - 1
  21. M

    MATLAB A matlab warning on solving equations

    Hi, >> d = 'x^2 + 9*x –7 = 0'; >> solve(d) Error using solve>processString (line 354) ' x^2 + 9*x –7 = 0 ' is not a valid expression or equation. Error in solve>getEqns (line 284) eqns = processString(eqns, v, vc); Error in solve (line 160) [eqns,vars,options] =...
  22. U

    MATLAB Solving equations involving specific elements of matrices in MATLAB?

    So let's say I have 2 matrices A and B. I need to solve 2 eqns involving specific elements of each matrix. e.g. A(1)+B(2)=4; A(1)-B(2)=2. Is there any way to do this? My efforts with Fsolve and solve have failed. Here's what I've done so far: function F=myfun(A,B)...
  23. anemone

    MHB Solve System of Equations: 2z+z2x=x, 2y+y2z=z, 2x+x2y=y

    Solve for real solutions of the following system: $2z+z^2x=x$ $2y+y^2z=z$ $2x+x^2y=y$ I know, this isn't a very hard problem, thus, we should compete in terms of how many minutes (or hours) that we used to come up with a good solution. I said good but not smart because to me: $\text{all...
  24. E

    Solving Equations of Complex Numbers

    Homework Statement Show that (1+i) is a root of the equation z4=-4 and find the other roots in the form a+bi where (a) and (b) are real.Homework Equations Using De Moivre's Theorem zn=[rn,nθ] Modulus(absolute value of z) = 4 Argument = ? The Attempt at a Solution r4=4 → r = (4)^(1/5)...
  25. G

    How to solve equations with mod?

    Solving equations with "mod" Homework Statement I have a homework problem. I'm in computer science, however one of my programs requires me to solve this equation. I'm afraid it's beyond my expertise. (a * x) mod b = 1 This needs to be rearranged in the form of x = ... Due to the existence...
  26. M

    Solving Equations With Modulos

    Are there general methods for solving equations of the form a+bx = mod(c+dx, m), where, in the notation I have made up here, mod is the modulo function which resets the argument to zero when it reaches m. I hope it's clear what I mean here.
  27. J

    Solving equations simultaneously

    Problem: You make a primitive yo-yo by wrapping a massless string around a solid cylinder of mass M and radius R. You hold the freee end of the string stationary and release the cylinder from rest. The string unwinds but does not slip of stretch as the cylinder descends and rotates. Find the...
  28. C

    LaTeX How to Solve Equations and Improve Alignment in Latex Math?

    $y=2x+1$ $y=2x^2+3x+5$ $ a+3b=1$ $2a - b=1$ Multiply through by 3 $6a - 3b = 3$ Subtract equation (3) from (1) $6a - 3b = 3$ $ a + 3b = 1$ $7a - 0b = 4$ a =$\frac{4}{7}$ Just learning latex on here and trying to understand how I can keep everything in line, which seems difficult with...
  29. T

    Solving Equations Using Trigonometric Identities

    Hey PF! Homework Statement Find exact solutions for the following equations over the domain 0 ≤ x <2π 2sinx = 3 + 2cscx Homework Equations sin2+cos2=1 The Attempt at a Solution 2sinx = 3 + 2cscx 2sinx = 3 +2(1/sinx) sinx = 3/2 + 1/sinx sinx - 1/sinx = 3/2 (1-1-cos2x)/sinx = 3/2 -cos2x/sinx =...
  30. A

    Solving equations and finding solution set

    Homework Statement Solve the equation in the interval [0,2∏) 3 sinx-6 = sinx-5 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I originally tried to set it equal to zero and then divide by the 3 and then factor out the sinx but I didn't think that made any sense? HELP!
  31. J

    Solving equations via substitution

    I am trying to solve an equation that involves substitution. I was given k= 7 in the equation n=k+c i was also given n=2^c-1 I figured that 7+c could be substituted into the equation as n, so I got 7+c=2^c-1 and therefore c=2^c-8. The problem is that the answer I want is c=4...but...
  32. T

    Solving Equations: A,B,C,D Constants - Homework Help

    Homework Statement http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg191/scaled.php?server=191&filename=daumequation13325015229.png&res=medium where A,B,C & D are constants. 2. The attempt at a solution Actually i am an electrical engineering student and these 2 equations are transistor equations that we...
  33. M

    Solving Equations: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Homework Statement Please see attachment Homework Equations Please see attachment The Attempt at a Solution
  34. C

    Solving Basic Equations: Tips & Tricks

    Homework Statement Solve each of the following equations. This is part of a practice mock test I have for an exam so I have all the answers but they aren't lining up somewhere. I got a) right but b) and c) wrong Homework Equations a)4x+6=18 b)5x+7=7x-9 c)1/x+2 = 7 (giving answer...
  35. I

    Help with solving equations for x

    Homework Statement Can someone please help or guide me with these problems. Thanks in advance. less than or equal to = </= 1 (x+3)(x-3)>0 2 x^2-2x-15</= 0 3 sin2x=sinx, 0</=x</=2pi 4 logx+log(x-3)=1 The Attempt at a Solution OK so for number 1 I do not know where to...
  36. G

    MATLAB - Solving equations SOLVED

    SOLVED Homework Statement Hello, I was wondering if someone could please tell what functions are required to solve this problem. I was trying to solve P*v = 1*8.314*T for T were P=[2494 1247 831 623 499 416]; and v=1:6; I was trying to come up with a series of commands that would compute...
  37. L

    Solving equations in excel or other solvers

    Need to find optimal solution by solving 2 equations X= VR*(R2+R1)/R2 - VN*R1/R2 Y= VR*(R2+R1)/R2 - VP*R1/R2 VP, VN are fixed. VP=5 & VN=0 VR can change. R1,R2 should be same. How do I find a combo of VR, R1, R2 so that - X = 0.46 & Y = 0.214 (this part is easy) The same...
  38. H

    Solving Equations Homework: Question 4(c) Part I & II

    Homework Statement I am having trouble with question 4(c)... part i and ii... Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution would it be okay for her to write iff between each line? I do not see why not but I cannot find the proper reasoning.
  39. K

    Why solving Equations not valid for m = 5 and n = 13

    Hi everyone, Iam just wondering on why my codes (with Mathematica) are not valid for the case of m = 5 and n = 13. However, they work perfectly for other cases for example, when m = 1 and n = 1. Note that m = 1,3,5,7,..99 and n = 1,3,5,7,...99. Please let me know about this matter...
  40. P

    Solving Equations with Fractional Exponents

    The question is x2/3 - x1/3 - 2 = 0 So the first thing I did was: x2/3 - x1/3 = 2 Then, I put both sides to the power of three, so I got: x2 - x1 = 8 From there I factorized: x (x - 1) =8 And got the answers: x = 8 or x = 9, the book however, says the correct answers are -1 and 8. Any...
  41. S

    Solving equations simultaneously circuits

    I really struggle with these and would just like someones input on how to best solve these, I can never seem to cancel everything out except the variable I am looking for. I have: E-i1-Ri2=0 Ri2-Ri3=0 i1+i2+i3 I am looking to solve for i1 All R's are equal to 0.73 x10^6 ohms so I just...
  42. jegues

    Solving Equations: From t=0 to 1d

    Homework Statement See figure attached for problem statement. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Here's as far as I got, The part that confuses me is the range we should solve this equation. It says, \text{from } t=0 \text{ to } 1d I put the ^{-1} in...
  43. B

    Solving equations with greatest integer function

    Homework Statement I can't find a step by step explanation for solving these types of equations eg. 99 = [2x+1]/3 Homework Equations eg. 99 = [2x+1]/3 or 48 = 4[2x/3] How do you handle the multipliers iand constants inside the brackets? thx [b]3. The Attempt at a...
  44. H

    Solving equations numerically in Mathcad 2001i Professional

    Homework Statement Hey there.. I would like to make a path for a spacecraft from Earth to moon, and back again. I found this pdf that explains how, but i can't figure it out.Homework Equations http://courses.ncssm.edu/math/NCSSM%...r%203/Moon.pdf "Part II: The slingshot around the Moon...
  45. J

    Solving Equations: Acos(?) & Asin(?)

    Homework Statement http://gyazo.com/f4c02f2a57b24a39dfee575837e0a807.png Homework Equations Ax = A cos (?) Ay = A sin(?) The Attempt at a Solution I tried putting the magnitude of x cos (?) but honestly have no idea what to do. Thanks
  46. N

    Solving Equations of the Form ln(x) = f(x)

    Just came across this for a program I'm writing. I need to be able to solve an equation of the form ln(x) =f(x) where f isn't a logarithm. specifically, it's ln(x)=-x^2+ a*x+b. Is this solvable for x or do I need a numeric approximation?
  47. K

    Solving Equations Using the Unit Circle

    Homework Statement Find all solutions to the equation below such that -180° \leq x \leq 90° 2sin2x + sinx = 0Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution 2sin2x + sinx = 0 sinx[2sinx + 1] = 0 sin x = 0 sinx= -1/2 x = {0° + 360°n {-180° + 360°n n\epsilonI
  48. H

    Solving equations in sin and cos theta

    Hi, I have been trying to solve some mechanics problems and I can come up with the right equation, but I don't know how to solve it... For example: 490.5cos(theta) - 3600cos(theta)sin(theta) + 1800sin(theta) = 0 i need to solve for theta here its one equation and one unknown...
  49. Z

    Solving equations by inversion formulae

    the idea is let us suppose i must solve f(x)= 0 (1) let us suppose that f(x) have SEVERAL (perhaps infinite ) inverses, that is there is a finite or infinite solutions to the equation f(x)= y by g(y)= x with f^{-1}(x)=g(x) then solution to equation (1) would be g(0)=x...
  50. X

    Solving Equations to Answer Physics Questions

    Can you please set up the equations for me to help me solve these questions.: 1) How many collisions per second occur on a container wall with an area of 1.00 cm^2 for a collection of Ar particles at 1.10 atm and 290.1 K? I think I should use this equation to answer this question: ZW =...