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2 different AC voltages on 1 circuit

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    Hi, I have a Mains AC 251v to 220v transformer connected to my house.
    I am thinking of installing a solar power grind in system rated at 240v output.
    What would happen to my mains transformer if i connect the 240v supply to the secondary side at 220v of my wiring therefore having 2 different voltages on the secondary and at the same time using my mains transformer as a step up and down at the same time.
    Am just not to sure!
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    If you have to ask, you shouldn't consider messing with this kind of power.
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    Don't mix voltages, and don't DIY.

    Hire a licensed electrician, and discuss the matter with the utility which supplies one's home.

    We discourage dangerous activities.

    Thread locked.
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