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20 Questions

  1. Jul 30, 2013 #1
    I recently learned about this old game, 20 Questions. In this game, one of the players, the Answerer, thinks of an object, a common noun, and other players take turns to ask Yes/No question to him. Like, Is it less than 2kg ? , Does it run on electricity, Is it worth over 1000$? etc. If they figure it out with less than 20 questions, the Askers win, otherwise the Answerer wins. The person who finally figures it out got to be the next Answerer.
    I tried playing this game with my brother (I asked all 20 questions) but found it incredibly hard to come-up with good questions. It was also because I needed to keep track of all my questions and answer in my head.

    Why don't people play this intelligence demanding game here? This game suits PF :) .
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    I know this game! the only difference is you only have three questions to ask instead of twenty. :biggrin:

    Why don't you start the game, I_am_learning? :smile:
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    OMG, How would one find out by asking only 3 questions? I am not able to, even by asking 30 questions. That's why I didn't want to start (and play) the game myself (I am too poor). I just wanted to see intelligent folks play it. :).

    Ok, I can do the easier task. I am the Answerer. I have thought of an object. You can now start asking questions. Go on. :)
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    Is it man made?
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    There's a small handheld "toy" called "20Q" (a stronger version of the software is online at www.20q.com) that plays this game remarkably well. My nephew played it while I observed him, and by the time 20Q asked him if it was "green and wrinkly," both the game and I knew he was thinking of a booger. Adorable kid ...

    To stay on topic, is it smaller than a microwave oven?
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    Traz 0: No.
  9. Aug 1, 2013 #8
    Is it less than 10 kg?
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  11. Aug 1, 2013 #10
    a T.V ?
  12. Aug 1, 2013 #11
    No. But this is not how you play. You need to keep narrowing the field, not make wild guesses.
  13. Aug 1, 2013 #12
    i did narrow the field,
    and it wasn't a wild guess, i guess from the existing questions.
  14. Aug 1, 2013 #13
    Is it used in the home?
  15. Aug 1, 2013 #14
    Tarz 0: No.
  16. Aug 1, 2013 #15
    Is it smaller than a house?
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  18. Aug 1, 2013 #17
    Is it used in industry?
  19. Aug 1, 2013 #18
  20. Aug 1, 2013 #19
    Is it used in transportation?
  21. Aug 2, 2013 #20
  22. Aug 2, 2013 #21
    Is it used solely for transporting people?
  23. Aug 2, 2013 #22
    OK, we might have picked a better midpoint for our binary search lol.
  24. Aug 2, 2013 #23
    This determines if it is used to transport goods or not. It's actually helpful, and we still have plenty of questions.
  25. Aug 2, 2013 #24
    I predict that it transports both, and that the ultimate answer is, something very close to a car. Or a bicycle. Or a scooter. I had a Strategy, damn you! lol
  26. Aug 2, 2013 #25
    Is it a land transport
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