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3D printing of Riemann Surfaces

  1. May 3, 2010 #1
    Hello. Does anyone know of a group that has used 3D printing techniques such as laser sintering to create Riemann surfaces of some simple functions? For example, just [tex]\sqrt{z}[/tex]? Actually I would be interested in more complex function and preferable color-code various components of the surface. Does laser sintering allow for this color-specificity? What would be the cost of such a project? For example, what would it cost to make a 10" model of the real square root surface? How precise would it be? Would the edges be sharply defined? Would it be nice enough to use in a classroom to help illustrate integration over these surfaces or would the resulting shape be too poorly formed especially when working with more complex functions like for example [tex]\frac{e^{iaz}}{z^4\sqrt{z^2-b^2}}[/tex]?

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