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A new laptop

  1. Jun 16, 2005 #1
    i am thinking of buying a new laptop ....
    and since i don't no much about computers ... i would like to have ur advice about the best laptops ( a friend recommended hp )... the budget is around $ 1500 ....
    any advice would be highly appreciated ....
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    umm?, i think my friend will buy ibm's, $1800
    hp's is not so good as ibm's. hp's is bigger and heavyer.
    Some friends of mine sometimes joke hp means hot pig.
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    $1500 are quite enough budget to buy a very good laptop. For that price, or somewhat less, make sure that the processor is not Celeron, but a Centrino, P4, or better an AMD 64bit. It should have a DVD-RW, HD > = 80GB, RAM >= 512 MB, Graphics Card >= 128MB, a pretty large monitor, should be pretty light, and last but not least a durable battery.
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    No, a notebook like what you describe will be around $2200.
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    You can get an iBook.
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    Definitely Apple.
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