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Homework Help: A Quick Multiple choice for marginal density function

  1. Dec 11, 2013 #1
    Given a plane with three points, (0,−1), (2,0), and (0,1) with x-axis and y-axis connecting three points to make a triangle. Suppose this triangle represents the support for a joint continuous probability density Pick one of the following:

    The marginal density f(y), defined as ∫f(x,y)dx.

    i) is an increasing function

    ii) is a decreasing function

    iii) is neither an increasing or decreasing function

    iv) cannot be classified according to its increasing or decreasing character without more

    Explain you choice

    I pick (iii) when the marginal density function begins at y=-1, it must increase at some point before y=1 since the PDF has to be able to integrate to 1 ..on the other than when it got to y=1 .....it must decrease back to 0...so the marginal density function f(y) could not be increasing or decreasing function right...therefore, the answer would be neither increasing nor decreasing
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    Not sure what that means. Does it mean that the joint density function is uniform over that triangle and zero everywhere else?
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    the triangle is just the support which is the 2D plane (x- and y-axis), we do not know what the joint density behaves
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