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Acclerating plane

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    this is another post, but i just want to post it in this room and see if ANYONE knows how to solve this:
    I've tried everything, now i'm getting depererate

    An inclined plane that makes an angle of 28° to the horizontal is mounted on wheels. A small block of mass m = 1.2 kg rests on the plane, held there by a coefficient of static friction µ = 0.73.

    The plane is accelerating to the right. What is the minimum acceleration in order that the block slides down the plane?

    Any help would be great !!!!!
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    Apply Newton's 2nd Law and solve for a.

    The 0 degrees with the horizontal system of coordinates will be the easier one.
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    i tried literally everything, would anyone please help me solve it??? lol...

    i came up with the following, after lots of equation, i used it to solve for a, didn't work either

    g sin (theta) - mu (a sin (theta) + g cos (theta) ) = a cos (theta)
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    Well, with the coordinate system set as i said above.

    [tex] \sum F_{x} = ma = - n \sin \theta + F_{f} \cos \theta [/tex]

    [tex] \sum F_{y} = 0 = F_{friction} \sin \theta + n \cos \theta - mg [/tex]

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