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Adding Vectors Geometrically

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    Represent the below vector relationship geometrically, illustrating two different ways of adding vectors.

    Vector a - vector b = vector c.

    I know the above relationship can also be expressed as:

    Vector a + (-vector b) = vector c.

    In other words, we flip the direction of vector b and add as usual.

    Attached are two pictures of me adding two *arbitrary* vectors a and b (vectors a and b change in the two attached photos).

    In the first picture, I use the parallelogram rule. In the second picture, I use another method to add the arbitrary vectors a and b.

    Did I add the two vectors together correctly?

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    Simon Bridge

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    Your problem statement has the "-" sign with vector b, but your drawing has the "-" sign on vector a instead. Other than that, you have the right idea.
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