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Advice: electron gun

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    Hi folks,

    In need of some advice.

    Can anyone recommend any companies selling high voltage electron guns up to 40kV???

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    I should have thought the cheapest way to go about getting an electron gun would be to buy a TV tube (even a scrap one) and remove the gun from it. If you are after an electron gun, it must be assumed that you have a high vacuum manufacturing facility for mounting it in whatever electron beam tube you are planning to make. Are you sure this is what you want?
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    Saw an ad for 1-100 keV guns in last month's physics world mag... let me dig it out


    can't personally recommend it but it rang a bell so I thought I'd post it
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    Looks like well expensive pieces of kit. I was thinking of the 'crud end of the market' solution!
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    Haha! Thanks very much for your help guys.

    I was thinking the crud end of the market too but its good info to know. thanks for that.
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