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Aerospace Aerospace interview please?

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    hello, I am currently taking an engineering class and am doing a field report on aerospace engineering. I am required to do an interview with a professional, so if someone in the aerospace engineering field is willing to answer some questions I would be very grateful. if you are willing, please post your e-mail address here, or just tell me and I will e-mail you. thanks a lot.
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    You probably going to find more students here than professionals. Why don't you try to contact directly someone? Email Dan Raymer or Micheal Selig, for example, you're going to find both email addresses on the web.

    If you can get Burt Rutan, post the interview on the forum =)
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    If you want, PM me your questions and I will do my best to answer them.
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    Might post the interview on the Forum, if FredGarvin allows. Might be interesting for us all.
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