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Alternative to carbon steel for pipe manufacture?

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    I am doing research into an internal corrosion/erosion problem on a methanol pipework processing line. The pipe is made out of carbon steel and I am looking at replacing it with a duplex steel like Inconel 625 or HASTELLOY. Does anyone know how I could go about working out the costs involved so I can get an idea of how much it will be to replace carbon steel pipes with these?
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    Let me just say that you will be paying orders of magnitudes more for Inco or Hastalloy. Any nickel based material is going to be very expensive. Not only for material costs, but also because there aren't that many places that sell it so you would probably be looking at a specific mill run for your straight run piping. Let's not talk about fittings.

    I don't have a chemical compatibility chart with me right now, but have you completely ruled out 304 or 316 stainless? They are mass produced with all sorts of fittings, etc... readily available.
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    316 could be another option, the corrosion mechanisms include synergetic effect of erosion/corrosion, impingement corrosion and pitting corrosion, however, so thats why I was thinking along the lines of Inc or hast. Would 316 be up to the task? I can give you the processing conditions if that would help.

    Cheers for your reply
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