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Aluminium compound causes cancer?

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    whenever i use deodorant (any brand of deodorant), i always see similar aluminium compound- i cannot remember the name. is this metal compound dangerous for the skin? :frown:

    i am not chemist, and i know very little about chemistry.
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    Hmm I can't really picture what you are talking about. What sparked this idea? Perhaps a web page or article that could give us more information?
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    Commonly, the anti-perspirant ingredient is Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly.
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    Ah I understand now. I thought you meant a visible piece of metal lol. You learn something every day.
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    There was at one time a theory that the aluminum compounds found in deodorants/anti-perspirants could lead to the development of diseases such as Alzheimer's or other nervous system alterations. While aluminum in certain forms is a known central nervous sytem toxicant, it is now believed that the form of the metal, route of adminstration, absorption into the human body and other factors do not combine to result in any risk to the user. This abstract links to a rather large and drawn-out disussion on the issue (click box just above title), but the general ruling by the FDA is found in the first sentence.
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    coincidence that the OP's username is "sniffer"? :)
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