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An Introduction to Thermal Physics by Schroder - any thoughts

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    Hi! I'll be covering the above book next semester and was wondering if there is anything I should be particularly aware of about thermal physics.
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    I would read the appendices. I found them very helpful. Also, that book f***ing rules.
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    I think that the mathematics in thermal and statistical physics at the level of Schroeder is quite easy. Some derivatives, a logarithm or two (thousand), etc. I would review basic counting (cominatorics) and combinatoric probability. I would also refamiliarize yourself with the ideal gas law. It would benefit you to also review some basic concepts of magnetism (for example, you should know what susceptibility is and know what paramagnetism is) as well as very baby quantum mechanics (the harmonic oscillator and square well energy levels for example, nothing too complicated). Review baby fluid mechanics and pressure.
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    get another book to supplement it. there are no worked examples, and he leaves many crucial concepts for the problems, which your instructor may not assign.
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