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Angry at Microsoft

  1. May 26, 2003 #1
    I wanted to install Microsoft office on my new notebook computer. I bought the package for my desktop. However, the registry won't work for two machines. What the hell is wrong with Microsoft? I just want to have the option to work on my desktop at home or on my notebook elsewhere. Why can't they give a break to a fvckin' college student who could barely afford these computers to begin with?

    Actually, I've recently begun using MikTeX and I'm planning on completely phasing out my use Microsoft Word, but let's face it Power Point is so convenient, I will probably always need to use this program.

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    Grrr.....I hate microsoft too!

    WordPerfect and 602Pro PC Suite are very nice alternatives to Office....602 even has a PowerPoint comparison I believe. WordPerfect is obviously the better choice for Word though. How do you expect your local monopoly M$ to STAY that way if you don't buy two copies of the same program, it's not like people would EVER consider having two computers!! Boycott Microsoft:smile:
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    I like microsoft, except for Internet Explorer which they haven't updated for a long time and don't plan on updating soon. .NET is awesome, office is powerful and thier game division is pretty good.
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    Office is infuriating...

    Just this semester I realized how big a piece of junk Excel is for technical information, and also got fed up with transferring information from word/excel into PowerPoint.

    Example: I was trying to produce one graph which was logarithmic in the independent variable. Another graph had non-even intervals for the data points. You'd think that $80 software would allow you to do continuous scale or logarithmic scale independent variables, wouldn't you? It doesn't (unless I managed to miss it in the 25 minutes I spent in the help files).

    And don't get me started with trying to bring the information over to PowerPoint. I ended up saying 'forget it' and re-entered the information all over again.
  6. May 26, 2003 #5
    www.openoffice.org This doesn't cost anything and its not crapware at the same time. It can open the MS files and it has a program to replace powerpoint just as good as MS's. I don't know how the spread sheet program compares with excel, i don't use either. This is written in Java so when it starts up it takes a minute, but it runs on all the operating systems. Honestly i haven't used the windows version, only the linux, but it should be identical since its java.
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    The battery on my mobile keeps breaking and I am starting to get annyoed with it. Damn these monster companies.
  8. May 26, 2003 #7
    Dude, you should read my post entitled Cell Phone Repair in the How It Works section.

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    XBOX games aren't bad, I have to admit, but their PC games are mostly bought-out-company-games, good nonetheless, I haven't used .NET, what is it for?
  10. May 27, 2003 #9
    I feel bad for Msoft. Now let me duck, before I get hit with rotten fruit...

    For YEARS, people have stolen Msoft's products. I can't imagine the $ figure for the copies of everything from DOS to Windows 2000 stolen. Even XP has some pirates, but it is much harder than before unless you get your hands on a Volume License copy.

    Anyway, now Msoft is striking back, forcing people to play by the rules, and they don't like it. The problem is, people like Entropy get screwed along with would-be pirates. The EULA has always specified the use of software on ONE COMPUTER ONLY, but no one ever got in trouble for using it on multiple systems that they own.

    So even though it may be inconvenient, Msoft is just getting what they deserve...payment for their software.
  11. May 27, 2003 #10
    I know what ya mean

    I am an user of Windows 2000. I brought MSOFFICE. But after 2 months OfficeXP came out. Yes microsoft actually manufactured some of XP to not being installed in multiple computers. But soon they were receiving problem stating that they are unable to install office on customer's reformatted computers. Well now microsoft doesn't have that kind of stuff. My home PC uses Mandrake Linux 9.1. It's uses open office. Guess what it's free. I thing it's better than XP but some people may not agree with me. Instead of spending $350.00 buying XP office i just break the liscence and download it from Kazaa. I did try to adibe by their liscence it's just too constly. ONce you buy an XP it's only liscensed for one Single computer. But how many people in reality adibe by their agreement. If you have 3 PC's @ home you must buy 3 versions of operating system to adibe by agreement. Microsoft just tries to make money
  12. May 27, 2003 #11
    We can't condone piracy here at PF. If you can't pay for it, don't use it. Anyway, you could have stayed with Office 2000, there are just a few minor things new in XP.

    Isn't that the point of being in business?
  13. May 27, 2003 #12
    I heard that there were only minor alterations made to Office2K (which might make it slower) in order to repackage it as OfficeXP and rake in some more 'jack'...

    I never explored all the optional things you could do even with something as old as Office 4.0, however, so I wouldn't really know.

    With regard to One License, one computer, I think it goes against the grain of being able to feel you actually own what you have paid for. I can understand how [mu]$ feels, but I still like having my freedom too, and think ultimately the techniques being used will result in as much of loss to them (from people looking elsewhere for their software) as the pirating.
  14. May 27, 2003 #13
    *Throws tomato*

    I think the EULA is wrong on EVERYBODY'S software. We have two computers in our house, we buy software, why can't we install the software on both computers in OUR house?

    If the Microsoft software was inexpensive, say reasonably priced at 30 dollars, then it wouldn't be SUCH a big deal to buy two copies. I don't feel bad for them, Microsoft and Bill Gates aren't hurting for money, I doubt they feel it when people download programs from KaZaa (not condoning the illegal downloading of copyrighten software).

    Wasn't Microsoft founded on stolen ideas?
  15. May 27, 2003 #14
    No, Microsoft bought the rights to implement similiar windowing GUI's like macs from apple.
  16. May 27, 2003 #15
    Heh, and I hate tomatoes

    Personally, I disagree with not being able to use it on multiple computers as well. I think a more reasonable EULA would provide software usage PER INDIVIDUAL as opposed to per computer. That way, one copy for every individual user. Make sense?

    However, that way is extremly insecure. More of a trust type of thing. I think I would be correct in saying that it is very hard to trust the average user in this day and age. Piracy is rampant, to the point where asking an everyday person would result in them telling you that they didn't know it was illegal to use copied software.

    So I think that Msoft, to protect it's own work, had to do this. Piracy is not in a downward spiral, it's headed up. Microsoft does have tons of cash...but if people constantly steal from them, they won't for long.

    So although I am not suggesting anyone should be happy about it (and I'm not, believe me), their decision to go in that direction is logical and very easily understood.
  17. May 27, 2003 #16
    Re: I know what ya mean

    Yeah, I have an old Linux box somewhere in the back of my closet at home. For a time, I was totally off Microsoft.... But guess what? Everyone uses Microsoft so it doesn't matter.

    Earlier this Fall I was in Germany at a conference. I wanted to FTP a document from my office that I had written uses Star Office, but the place I was at was only geared for Microsoft applications.

    How am I supposed to communicate with other researchers and businesses when the universal standard seems to be Microsoft applications?

  18. May 27, 2003 #17
    I'm not sure about this, a little weird how every Windows OS is strikingly similar to Mac's OS, look at OS X and XP...many times I found myself thinking, wow, just like OS X.

    Also weird how you go from DOS to a GUI, I think. It's obvious that is the next step, but odd how they 'realized' this next step after Apple came out with a GUI OS.

    You can bet Microsoft's code wouldn't look like Apples though...last time I used a Mac it was stable .

    I'm not saying Microsoft outright stole, walked into Apple's offices and took blueprints, from Apple, but I am saying I believe their idea of Windows was completely based on Apple's. It's comparable to stealing software, is it okay to steal software if it is named something else ie. the OS Windows XP named as physics_for_dummies.txt?
  19. May 27, 2003 #18
    Re: Re: I know what ya mean

    Export to .pdf if they don't have to modify it. I think you can do this with openoffice. openoffice might even be able to save in the MS file format, i know it can open their files.
  20. May 27, 2003 #19
    Re: Re: Re: I know what ya mean

    If he is using OpenOffice he may as well just save it as Word format.
  21. May 27, 2003 #20
    Re: Re: I know what ya mean

    "When in Rome..."

    The world communicates using Microsoft products, so if you wanna communicate with them..."
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