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ANSYS transient thermal boundary conditions

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    Hi all. I don't have as much experience with thermal analyses in ANSYS, and I can't quite figure out a problem that I'm working on. I'm trying to find the temperature distribution in a box that has a circle in the center. I want to define constant temperature b.c.'s at the walls and the circle has a transient heat generation rate.

    My approach has been to model the box as a rectangle with a hole in the center with the conductivity, heat capacity, and density of air. I then define the circle in the center with defined conductivity, heat capacity, and density. My problem is how to define the b.c. at the interface between the circle and the box. If it was just a regular convection problem, i know how to define T-infinity and the film coefficient, but in this situation, I don't quite know how to define the heat transfer between the air in the box and the circle in the center.

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