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Anyone has good book suggestion on vacuum power tubes?

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    I want to find a book that explain how the different grids affect the operating characteristic of the power pentodes. Most just give the optimal setup and states what is the output and most designer never vary away from this. I want to be able to play around with the different grid voltage to vary the characteristic of the output. Any suggestion will be really appreciated.

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    jim hardy

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    RCA receiving tube manual

    usually a couple of them on ebay

    i can vouch for the high fidelity 15 watt amplifier circuit in back, built one in high school
    uses 7199 low noise for preamp , sounds fabulous

    around 1964 edition was a good one
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    Thanks both of you. Actually I do have the RCA Receive Tube Manual!!! Man!!! I am old!!! But hey, the top quality audiophile and guitar amp are still tube amps!!!
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