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Applying a square wave (from 0 to 5V) on a RC circuit

  1. Apr 6, 2007 #1
    I am working with capacitor now and I have this question. I am applying a square wave (from 0 to 5V) on a RC circuit.
    At the output ( at the resistor) I get a positive and negative values? why is that ?
    I am suspecting the fact that the capacitor create a phase difference of -90 degree(between voltage and current)..but I cannot figure out the correct answer.
    please can someone help me?
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    The capacitor is blocking the DC component of your 0-5V square wave. The DC offset of the driving source does not matter if you couple it to the load resistor with a capacitor. The cap is refered to as a DC blocking capacitor in this configuration.
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    Thank you very much berkeman!
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