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Asking for answers to exercises of peskin's QFT?

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    thanks for advices.
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    http://homerreid.ath.cx/~homer/physics/index.shtml [Broken]
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    Are they really that hard that are beyond your power of understanding...?

    Besides,this guy didn't solve them as part of his class preparation during PhD:

    Disclaimer: These "solutions" are my own personal unprofessional attempts at solving the problems. They are officially sanctioned neither by the textbook authors nor by anybody else in particular, they have for the most part not been checked for errors, and, if past precedent is any guide, there is every reason to believe that many of them are dead wrong

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    I had them along with Patrick in an online course we took usin P&S. Yes they were hard for me and for anyone who comes to them without a year or so of grad physics under their belt. Patrick had that and kindly posted solutions for us.
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    thanks a lot!
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