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I Axisymmetric FEA model for magnetic flux distortion

  1. Aug 18, 2016 #1
    Why do axisymmetric FEA models of magnets and their fields make the field farther from the axis appear denser than it really is when the flux line mode is enabled? I'm using the F.E.M.M. system at the moment. All integrals and graphs give correct values, but the depicted lines of flux appear distorted density. The planar versions are fine; it's just the axisymmetric versions that appear to have distorted flux depictions.
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    Can you give us more details about your models? Some plots would help. There is not enough information in the original post to isolate the issue. It would help if you could explain which integrals and graphs you have been observing, and if you could relay that information for both the planar and axisymmetric models. Also, when you say "planar" what exactly do you mean? Are you referring to a 2D plot showing a slice of a 3D model?
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    I have five images of plots and diagrams to elucidate my query as you asked, but apparently PF doesn't allow attached picture files. Is it possible to include images in this thread? Or should I just describe the plots and diagrams with text? Let me know if there's a way to attach images to this thread because that would make this whole process much quicker and much easier to understand. I thought the image icon in the tool bar would allow me to attach picture files, but I guess I was mistaken. Thank you very much.
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