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Homework Help: Balance problem

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    A .110 kg remote that is 21.0 cm long rests on a table. It has a length L1 overhanging the edge of a table. A force of .365 N pushes the power button (located at the end of the remote overhanging the table). How far can the remote extend beyond the table and not tip over? (the mass is evenly distributed)

    So far, I've come up with
    M2L2g=.365 N+M1L1g
    M1+M2=.110 kg
    L1+L2=.21 m

    and if you change eq. 2 to incoroporate g
    (M1+M2)g=1.078 N

    It would seem I need one more equation to solve for 4 variables (although I only need one of them solved). I think I'm overlooking something obvious. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    If L1 is hanging over the edge of the table, that means
    L2 = 21.0cm - L1.
    Since the mass is evenly distributed, you can say that
    L1/21.0 = M1/0.110kg.
    Also, M2 = 0.110kg - M1.

    Now you just have 1 variable.
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